31 thoughts on “What do we think of the Teabaggers?

  1. BTW, I’m a little disappointed in my fellow human that racism is not being recognized as more important than stupidity in this case. I mean, really folks.

    That could be the demographic off who is voting, I guess.

  2. How very strange. The three states with the highest number of votes for “patriots” also happen to be the three states with the highest illiteracy rates and low test scores. I wonder….do you think there is a direct correlation between the two? Hmmmmm–don’t answer yet! Thank about your response!

    I wish it were easy to find ways to educate some people about the truth instead of having them learning what they think is the truth from people like Beck, Limbaugh, and others. But it is one of those sad realities that too many people would rather hate than find out for themselves what is truth and what are lies.

  3. I wish that there was an option for “a mixture of ignorant paranoia and legitimate concerns.” A lot of these types of polls don’t have a lot of room for ambiguity.

  4. Greg, i don’t think you should be disappointed that people don’t recognize racism as a bigger problem. After all, isn’t racism a subset of “ignorant and uneducated”?

  5. I went for ‘ignorant’ since it had the greater chance of winning. It lookeed like a set up to trick us into splitting our votes so the ‘Patriots’ could swoop in for a win!

  6. Their web designer forgot to include code that prevents you from voting twice. All you have to do is refresh the page.

  7. Maybe this means there is hope for us Alabamians. I am puzzled, though, by the 98%. Seems mighty high since we do, after all, have Roy Moore running for governor.

  8. Oh, wait, actually went to the poll and found 50/50 split between racists and dumbasses. My world balance has been restored.

  9. You do realize this poll has been thoroughly Pharyngulated, right?

    No, it’s obvious from Greg’s post that he had no idea it had been mentioned on Pharyngula.

  10. Ah, but racism does not necessarily mean that someone is uneducated or unintelligent… Racism comes in all forms… I consider it worse than ignorance or people not being educated, because it’s a tad easier to educate people than eliminate their prejudices.

  11. According to a recent reality check, the “teabaggers” as the marxist elitists call us, are the backbone of America. We represent the original constitution, while our fierce violent nasty Obamite enemies represent European socialistic marxist darwinianism.

    By today’s standards the writers of the constitution would be labeled as “radical right wing religious extremists”. Lefties do not realize that the founders believed in INDIVIDUAL liberty and freedom, not “collective” liberty and freedom. Everytime the mighty emperor Obama speaks and says “collective”, it reminds me of the former USSR. Stalin, Marx, Lenin, Mao, all believed in the collective good. That type of talk is dangerous and should be abolished.

    We should make Obama take a few reality lessons from Glen Beck. Apparently the Bill of Rights is just one more bill the marxists haven’t read either.

  12. Yeah We really believe this poll since it obviously disagrees with 99 % of all other polls taken on the subject. Let’s face it. Greg and PZ Myers has fornicated this poll. Oh well, we’ll just have to fornicate their radical agenda come November.

  13. Nuspirit, you can always just say, “Fuck.” This is Greg’s resident sockpuppeting loon (Guardian of the Poll, Evolution Dysfunction, etc.). He doesn’t like swear words. Hence “fornicate.”

    Otherwise, there’s not much to be done with him except to allow him to keep his delusion that poll results and blog comments will be of utmost importance come November. (Although, come to think of it, getting him out in front of voters could be very interesting.)

  14. sTEPHANIE Z wins the fornicator of the month prize. This prize consists of your very own picture of fosilized turd shaped like Darwin’s face. Happy fornicating. Come November, voters will turn out and deform the reforms that the socialists have made – unless the black panthers and SEIU criminals violently attack us like they did last November. This time, we’ll carry epper spray.

  15. LibertyMan: Ironically, you are correct in some of the things you say, but mostly, you seem to be confused and ignorant.

    For one thing, the framers were not particularly religious, and had strong atheistic and agnostic tendencies.

    But yes, the teabaggers really do represent Americans of several centuries ago. Truly, America is one of the only literate western countries (maybe THE only one?) where you can find so many medieval minds.

    Putting it another way, we progressive Americans are actually quite embarassed about sharing a country with you. Please move.

  16. Fear the “epper spray”.
    Quick question, though. Just which “socialist” program are you going to “deform”?
    The health care bill that is pretty much a re-run of Mitt Romney’s MassCare? Or the TARP fund that was instituted by your old pal George Bush?
    Or maybe the stimulus package that gave middle class voters tax cuts? Yep. Socialism at its finest. Tax cuts for the middle class. I sure wouldn’t want to have voted for THAT!
    Oh, I know, you’re going to “deform” the bailout legislation. Heh. Good luck putting the genie back into the bottle. By November, most of that money will have been paid back. What are you going to do? Demand that the companies take the bailout money back so you can take it away from them?
    Really, could you be any more fact-free?

  17. Sorry, dude. I don’t take presents from strange guys, and while we do see stranger than you around here, it’s pretty rare. It was awfully nice of you to confirm that you don’t actually go out and vote, though. Black panthers and SEIU, my ass.

  18. Greg,

    What is a “progressive” American? If you are referring to liberals, you should name your selves DEgressive Americans.

    You are wrong. It was becuase of several preachers preaching armed revolution in the pulpit that started us on the path of war against the British. The very first Speaker of the House was a preacher from New York whose church was burned by the British. He took it upon himself to join his brother in Pennsylvania to gather up men, take up arms, and fight the intruding government. This was even before the constitution was written.

    Founding fathers atheist? That’s like saying Adolf Hitler was actually Jewish. Its absurd. I do not know what screwed up revised history you have been reading but you need to unlearn it and go back to high school, and then “progress” on to a college history course. I suppose that atheist George Washington just prayed to an non-existant God eh?

    The founders specifically intended on religious freed and INDIVIDUAL freedom, not collective freedom. The so called non -existance made crap that liberals spew off about a “seperation of church and state” is crap. It is not in the constitution. The letter that Jefferson wrote to the Danbury baptists was taken comepletely out of context to make a political point by leftists.

    Secondly, this amendement about your mislabeled and intenionally misdiagnosed thesis of seperation of church and state was actually designed to protect the church from the state, not the other way around.

    In order to understand the framework of the constitution, one has to understand the individual thinking, bel;eiefs, works, and biography of each founding member. Sir you have done none of the above. Instead you LIE and call our founders atheist becuase it fits your nasty agenda of trying to change American into a form of Europe. We “teabaggers” as you so nastily put it, are opposed to European style rule We like our freedom as is.

    Marxists, communists, environmental terrorists, and secualr humanists can move to Europe and leave our way of life alone becuase we refuse to live in that sodomy pit that you so strongly worship.

    Also, we should abolish case law studies that was started in the 1920s and start back using the actual constitution in court again.

    Ever since the late 1800s, marxists have been trying to infiltrate this nation. In the 1960s communist college professors succeeded in using a war to brainwash students to benefit their political goals. The number of evil tyrant ruler wannabes has outstandingly increased since then. However, if this nation dies, and it will if we continue on this hellpath that we are on, then freedom will one day rule again.

    One day Jesus Christ is going to get off his throne and come down here with 12 legions of immortal, indestructable angels at His command and wipe out socialism, communism, darwinisn, and all other evils. Once again, INDIVIDUAL liberties will rule. No more ACLU. No more SEIU, No more Climate change fraud crap, No more fake history, No more gayism, No more sodomy, No more liberalism, etc. All evil will be wiped from this earth. I hope you have a fireproof suit.

    I would like to hear what you have to say when you stand before the creator of the universe and He asks you why you blashphemed his creation and lied about his creation, and support Satan in his ideas. I bet that would be fun to explain – especially when the ACLU lawyer behind you is waiting his turn to explain his position against God as well.

    Learn your history. READ. The founding fathers were not atheist socialist secular humanist Godophobic truth haters. They were men of God who beleieved that God has given each INDIVIDUAL inalienable rights. It actually says that in the constitution. Of course I don’t expect you to have read it since it involved the CREATOR!

    Don’t use that word collective when talking about freedom. it can only lead to a path of tyranny.

  19. Kevin,

    I never revieved a tax cut at all. I am making less money than I ever was.

    I hated Mitt Romney’s crappy health plan.

    I hated George Bush’s plans as well. Bush is a good man but I extremely disagreed with his bailing out of compnaies that created their own mess – partly.

    George Soros intentionally crahsed the market with the help of others on the borad of numerous companies and leftist groups. He did this to make sure his marxist balck liberaton theology marxist candidate could win.

    Isn’t I convenient that the market tanked right before the election? How very convenient. I say we get the CIA involved in this matter. Soros is a stantanic fuckface stalinist. The man is pure evil. We’ll be watching him more closely now that we know how he funnels his money through various communist organizations. What I cannot figure out why Bush did not order an immdeiate secret CIA investigation into Soros, his organizations, and Fannie Mae and make public the findings.


    Stephanie Z,

    Like black panthers on your ass eh?

    Yes there were a few instances were labor union thugs were haraasing people. Once instance where black panther terrorists were holding sticks and threatening people. Someone should have shot at them and cleared their smartelec asses out of there.

    I’ll put it this way. If i attend a rally somewhere and one of your labor union thug memebers takes the advice of Obama and gets in my face, they’ll be going to the dentist to discuss the option on wether they would like implants or dentures becuase I’ll knock their damned teeth down their throat.

    I am not as violent as you may think from the way I talk, but I absolutely refuse to be bullied by un-American criminals like labor union members. I will defend myself if I have to.

    Some tea party protests have been infiltrated by the terrorists at Code Pink and other leftist activists. The protest in Washington at the signing of the unAmerican illegal, unconstitutional marxist HELLthcare bill was infiltrated by SEIU. it wasd the SEIU who were yelling racial remarks to get attention from the reporters to make the Tea Party proteastors look bad. They were only following the evil, tyrant terrorist dick licker Saul Alinsky’s instructions.

    Let’s take a look at history. How many tea party protestors have been arrested for violence? How many have had to have the swat temas called in one them? How many have had riot police shooting teargas at them?

    Now how many leftists continuously caused violent trouble at their protests? Most of them. Remember the G20 conference. Damned liberals everywhere throwing crap, screaming hatefilled slurs at normal people, etc.

    See the difference. We are more civilized. Of course we are. We aren’t then ones to claim to have evolved from wild animals. I guess if you believe you evolved from an ape, that gives you the right to behave like one.

    People should not fear their government.
    Government should fear its people.
    That is freedom.

  20. Well, “man”, you’re free to leave the country.

    So, you hated George Bush’s policies, you hate Obama’s policies, you hate Mitt Romney’s policies. Who EXACTLY do you like and how in any way do they qualify as an “American”?

    And don’t tell me Sarah Palin. That bag of hammers hasn’t had a thought – original or not – in the 40-some years she’s been on the planet.

    The REST of us understand that this is a Constitutional democracy. Our representatives do the best they can to come to consensus to deal with problems that present themselves. And merely “hating” everyone and everything is, frankly, a pretty piss-poor method of getting anything done.

    I suggest anger management classes. Because I think you’re about to pop a blood vessel.

    BTW: I’d be willing to bet a steak dinner that you’re retired, on Social Security, and receiving Medicare. Yet you don’t want government interference in your life.


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