Boobquake: Well? Did the earth move for you?

I felt prettty sick all day, so I was unable to attend our local boobquake dinner. But I have been monitoring the seismographs. It is in fact somewhat rare to have an earthquake of 6.0 or greater on a given day. There are about 200 a year at that level, and they are random, and thus cluster somewhat as random things do. So the daily expectation of one or more earthquakes is less than 4/7. Nonetheless, the single 6 magnitude earthquake that happened on Boob Day (using the international time coordinates) was not impressive. We can conclude:

Intense praying by Islamic clerics reversed the effects of several hours of boob quaking!

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7 thoughts on “Boobquake: Well? Did the earth move for you?

  1. I think the fact that you were not at La Casita (pictures to follow) accounts for the fact that the world didn’t move.

  2. You guys got pwned. Not that I completely agree with the scholar, but running to the “statistics” hill is so pathetic. I nearly ROTFLMAO’d on the train today.

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