Margaret Anderson Kelliher

Learn the name. She’s the next governor of Minnesota.

There were a lot of great candidates in the race for the DFL (Democratic Party) endorsement this year. The party, at the primaries, has chosen Margaret Anderson Kelliher among them.

Now, what will ideally happen is this: The other candidates who were running for the DFL endorsement will step aside and support Kelliher. And, we all work for Kelliher, and she wins.

Or, what COULD happen is that one or more candidates will continue to run (because the system here in Minnesota makes that easy) and the liberal/progressive vote is split, and some evil Republic an like Pawlenty is elected.


Therefore, I hereby call on all candidates to step aside and support Kelliher, and I call on all DFL voters to promise to not vote for any other candidate, no matter how much you may like them. Because you know, if we fuck it up again this year, we’ll have a Republican in the state house again, and we’ll have the kind of reform that will a) not let this thing happen anymore (good) and b) eliminate the caucus system which we all know and love (bad).

So, this one time, please, can we not screw this up?

Thank you very much.

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