Reminder: Skepchicon in Minneapolis in July

The venue, Minneapolis, is well chosen as it is very hard to get an earthquake going on this nice stable bit of crust.

I know it is a bit early, but I’ll remind you of this now and then … as you are making your plans for the summer, consider attending the Skepchicon track at the Convergence thingie in Minneapolis this July.

There will be many other things going on a Convergence. It’s one of those fantasy/sci fi conventions where you wear the Star Wars suit. Well, you don’t have to wear the suit if you don’t want to. And the Skepchicks have a series of things going on:

Join us for a weekend of skeptical programming and fun! We will once again be participating in the Convergence Skeptics Track; with about a dozen panels covering a wide range of skeptical topics.
Also, for all you fun loving critical thinkers, you will not want to miss our room party.

We have some exciting guests for you this year. In addition to Skepchick’s own Bug Girl, Maria Walters, Surly Amy, Carrie Iwan, and maybe Rebecca Watson (we’re still working on her), Pamela Gay will be back, PZ Myers will try to avoid being stuck in Germany, Greg Laden, Stephanie Zvan, and, I’m very excited to announce two new guests for this year, Debbie Goddard and Jennifer Ouellette!

(from the event facebook page)

The whole thing runs from July 1st to July 4th. Check the schedule for specific events.

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One thought on “Reminder: Skepchicon in Minneapolis in July

  1. w00t!!!1!!1!11

    When I saw July, I thought I might up at Itasca teaching post-high school students some biology before entering the UMN College of Biological Sciences. Now I get to subvert these young minds, in addition to attending Skeptichon and all the baby eating that is entailed. If only I could fit in a little atheist-on-priest-on gay platypus action I could call it a July to remember.

    Fine the last sentence was superfluous fluff, but sometimes its worth it!

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