New Anti-Evolution Pro-Fundy Christian Book, Reviewed

C.E. Cupp is Ann Coulter before the bottle-blond crap is poured on her head, but maybe slightly less vile.1 She just came out with a new book: Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity, which explains everything you had wrong if you were a progressive liberal in the education business. The book even comes with forward by Mike Huckabee.

Well, Steve Levingston of Political Bookworm on the Washington Post web site has reviewed the book, and seeing as how he does not have a lot of background in the Creationism vs Reality struggle, he interviewed Joshua Rosenau of the NCSE and So, Josh has a byline on that blog which you should go and read. A sample:

Cupp presents evolution — and science more generally — as the enemy of religion. Reporters’ “propping up of science,” she writes, is an “attack on Christianity.” If anything, it is Cupp’s approach which insults Christians. Research detailed in Elaine Ecklund’s forthcoming “Science vs. Religion,” shows that many scientists are religious themselves and do not generally regard science and religion as enemies.

Read it here.

Tell all your friends to read it.

1Yes, yes, a reference to how a woman looks in a post denigrating her. I promise to make fun of Mit Romney’s hair at the next available opportunity, and I assure you that I have already.

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13 thoughts on “New Anti-Evolution Pro-Fundy Christian Book, Reviewed

  1. I saw Ecklund speak recently and was not impressed. There are her data, and there are her conclusions, and there is a gap between the two. Regarding the biology textbook battle in Texas, she says both sides are too arrogant.

  2. Josh Rosenau: S.E. Cupp’s handling of science and religion misrepresents the nature of evolution, obscures the science of biology, and dismisses the deeply-held religious views of most Christians outside of the fundamentalist subculture.

    I presume Comrade Laden’s readership is familiar with recent polls on belief in creationism and evolution. Here’s a USA TODAY/Gallup poll from 2007 showing that 39% of respondents say Young Earth Creationism is ‘definitely true’ and another 27% chiming in with ‘probably true.’ Subculture indeed.

  3. So S.E. Cupp is a fundagelical who lies about science and particularly evolution. This is not a surprise.

    This is a person who contributes to Tucker Carlson’s crap fest. The low conspire with the low, also not a surprise.

  4. See – even the religiotards think the accommodationists are full of it! I see Mooney has been very effective at framing the issues with Cupp. Give that Cupp a D-. What a waste of trees; how can anyone print one long bitch about how the majority is being persecuted? It’s nothing but more religious bullshit with no evidence and no substance – you’ve just got to believe.

  5. Her wikipedia page says she is an atheist, but then throws in a fathiest quote about only being moral because she repects Judeo-Xtian values.

    Oh, yes, and you may be asking yourself about her education bona fides to be arguing against science? Art History B.A. and currently in a Masters program. Probably for comparative

    The conservatives need any young people they can get their hands on, no matter how stupid, just look at Ben Shapiro.

  6. Why is there an evolution-creation debate? In spite of the fact that the evolution hypothesis is stuck in step 3 of the 7- scientific method and there are 4 gaps in the hypothesis that evolutionary scientists admit cannot yet be explained, Evolutionists have already won. Evolution is taught in public schools, creationism is prohibited. Evolutionists have won in the courts. The media unanimously supports evolution. Why donâ??t Evolutionists simply ignore the Creationistsâ?? objections? Or, why not point out that Creationism is not within the purview of science because God is not a falsifiable hypothesis nor can he be proved by science?
    Consider the fact that of the 6 major theological positions on creation, 3 allow for evolution, albeit with a divine influence of some sort, such as to fill those 4 gaps that scientist are struggling with. There are 2 reactions when a Creationist proposed theistic evolution as an answer to the incomplete hypothesis testing and the 4 gaps. An evolutionary scientist would respond by admitting there is no scientific explanation for the gaps, as yet, and dismiss the influence of God as something outside the purview of science. The Evolutionist philosopher, however, becomes extremely agitated at the mention of God because Evolutionism is about atheism, not science.
    As a philosophy, Evolutionism is not held to the rigor of hard science â?? the scientific method can be ignored. As a philosophy, Evolutionism can object to theism whenre hard science cannot comment. Evolutionism is a major cornerstone of Marxism and Human Secularism because is supports those philosophies built on atheism. Twenty-five percent of the Humanist Manifesto is devoted to opposition to religion and theism, and the establishment of evolution and atheism. As long as there is a God, those philosophies fail. But Darwin supplied the â??missing linkâ? to their philosophies,; a way to explain how we got here â?? without a God.
    Science and faith are not mutually exclusive, but theism and atheism are. So when a supporter of evolution attacks creation (and usually the Creationist), he does so as a philosopher, not as a scientist. And, when a Creationist opposed evolution, he must do so as a philosopher/theologian â?? not as a scientist.

  7. Did you actually read the book. In that book Cupp acknowledges that there are scientists who support intelligent design. She didn’t say that science was the enemy but points a finger at reports like this. Funny how you seem to take her documentation in which Christianity is attacked and defamed and you turn it on its head. Quoting her but purposely doing it in such a way that it appears to say the opposite. The only thing one can assume is that the news media is either to ignorant to understand what she is saying or purposely attacking her because they can’t refute the content. As usual when you can’t defend a viewpoint one sinks to persoanl attack. Your doing exactly what she documentated is happening in the way the media is attacking and defaming Christianity.

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