4 thoughts on “Tony Perkinstsz: You leave our Religumunt alone!?!?!

  1. Perkins had his two stupid sentences that he was told to spew and he did, over and over and over and over again.

    What a tool he is…LOL

  2. CNN does a huge disservice to its audience by allowing two or more guests to speak at once. At times in this vid, all three of these guys were talking over each other.


    A simple solution: microphone switches and a director with a brain.

    What I could tell of Perkins’ position seems to be consistent with this rule of thumb: “Organisations with the word ‘family’ in their titles are not to be trusted”.

  3. Disgruntled, you’ve been reading my mail.

    Civil discourse, despite unfair accusations, does not value volume and the sheer number of words that come spilling out like the effluent at the end of a sewer pipe. Rather it is the screamers, the non-stoppers with fingers in ears that value such. Such is of great value to those with no positive or provable points to make. Allows ’em to avoid answering direct questions while pounding their latest mantra into the ground, much to the delight of their acolytes.

    How disappointing and unsurprising. How drab.

  4. Disgruntled @ #2:

    rule of thumb: “Organisations with the word ‘family’ in their titles are not to be trusted”.

    With the notable exception of the Kaiser Family Foundation – which, admittedly, has ‘family’ in its name for different reasons.

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