12 thoughts on “Aieeeee!! No Volcano Monitoring!!!! Aieeeee!!!!

  1. Jindal has proven himself to be an idiot nearly every time he opens his mouth.

    In a related story…

    I heard on a cable news show that a lot of the Mid Atlantic weather forecasting is done by monitoring equipment in the nose of jetliners fly over the Atlantic. Since there are few flying those routes, the forecasting gets worse and long range forecasting (5-10) day becomes useless.

  2. Also don’t forget that Sarah Palin made fun of government funding of fruit fly research. Of course, as Hitchens quickly noted, some of the greatest breakthroughs in genetics were made by studying and manipulating fruit fly genes.

    When does funding something seem stupid to a Republican? When they don’t understand it. When don’t they understand it? Always.

  3. Since I am from Sweden, I have no experience of the concept of “poe”….is this what comment @2 is?

    No politicians should talk about science without doing their homework, I have seen too many examples of that in Swedish debates….an exception is the stem cell debate, our government actually had an advisor who was well versed in that science, since some of the first cell lines were created here.

  4. Birger, no, that is a person who uses the name Dave Mabus. He live in Canada. He hates atheists and is always sending stuff like this around. Most of it gets filtered.

  5. @NewEnglandBob: Well, that information about the planes getting all the data for the weather forecasting is just plain wrong. Long-term forecasts always get progressively worse for a variety of reasons, but sparse data due to lack of aircraft flights is not one of them. Aircraft have some equipment on board such as the “storm scope” (to help avoid thunderstorms and thereby hopefully avoid the worst of the turbulence) but their meteorological capabilities are next to nonexistent. In fact they still receive their weather reports from whatever Flight Information Region they happen to be in (or unofficially from nearby pilots if they are not within a FIR). Information for numerical weather forecasting comes from satellites and numerous types of instrumentation on ground stations (though most ground stations only have surface wind, pressure, temperature, humidity, and rain measurements and often, for historical reasons, only report values twice a day).

  6. I second ten. I know we have problems with our mental health system. M*bus is proof of that. He’s an arguement for doubling the money spent on such in of himself.

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