11 thoughts on “Atheist Barbie Now Available

  1. Shouldn’t there be a ‘666’ tattooed on her forehead?

    I’m tired of this PR campaign, trying to make atheists respectable… 😉

  2. Ooooooooo. THATS why I get funny looks when I wear that shirt. I’ve been wearing PANTS with it this whole time. Easy fix.

  3. In hindsight, I think she should be a bit paler and is she smiling?! It would seem a bit more believable if she were sporting a snarl of some sort…

  4. Why don’t I get to get in on any of these spontaneous orgies? I’ve eaten my fair share of babies, it’s my turn!

  5. Oh, THAT’s what atheists look like! I was under the (obviously false!) impression that they looked like everyone else. Guess I have to get a boob job, take my pants off and call a few friends over for an orgy. But I’m NOT bleaching my hair.

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