12 thoughts on “Americans, this could be your future

  1. I don’t remember who said it, but it was in reference to Palin running for president in 2012. “About 20% of republicans support the idea of Palin being the nominee. 100% of democrats support the idea.”

    Bachmann is just icing on the cake. Bring it.

  2. I think that if things reach that stage 2 years from now, that the US won’t be worth living in anymore if it got anywhere in getting any percentage of the vote. What–are people that crazy that they would consider such a ticket? There is a very dangerous–VERY dangerous–anti-intellectual streak in some people in this country that doesn’t bode well for any future worth a damn. To think about actually electing someone with the amount of stupidity and ignorance that either of these women possess is a dangerous way to think. There are already far too many people in the US who don’t believe in evolution, who believe that “God” created the universe in 6 days (how he created flora before he created the sun, I’m not sure!) and about how the apocalypse is surely to come in their lifetime, that I have to wonder what’s next.

    I enjoy some self-esteem in thinking that I have strong native intelligence, but there is a part of me that wonders how the US can retain its superpower presence in the world with morons, idiots and stupid people running things. I hope I never live to see that future happen. And yes, you’re right–it could happen, and that is the sad thing.

  3. PS: If 8 tears of Jr. didn’t help cure the stupids of electing an idiot, I don’t know what will. I can hope that some people come to their senses long before they go to vote in the next presidential election.

  4. I would be for the idea for the comic factor, but I think there’s a real danger of a shooting war if you put those two fundamentalist demagogues on that stage. It’s just too fucking dangerous.

  5. Palin-Bachmann would be a dream ticket no doubt and never to early to start lining up possible Cabinet positions. Ann Coulter would have to be a front runner for Secretary of State. Then we could have White House Press Secretary Rush Limbaugh etc, etc…

  6. bachmann is (gasp!) mistaken, thinking that palin “broke the barrier” by becoming a woman vp cadidate. i believe Mondale and Ferraro have the “break the barrier” distinction, over 2 decades ago.

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