3 thoughts on “Interesting Wiki-Notetaker-Pim Thingie for your Linux Desktop

  1. Not bad… though I’ll stick with vi and html. Really, how how long does it take to type “a href=” or “ul”

  2. For years I wanted something similar to this – I have so many short text files and excel spreadsheets and images, etc, with personal notes and records, I wanted to consolidate and link them. About a year ago, I realized that a wiki is a really great system for handling personal notes. I didn’t know about this program, so I just installed mediawiki (the wikipedia software).

    This requires a little more investment of time and technical knowledge. However, it’s very powerful, full-featured, likely to be supported for a long time into the future, can make use of the many extensions, styles and templates that already exist for mediawiki, and – the key point for me – it can be accessible from the internet. If you have a personal website (or, say, webspace from your school), you can install it there. If not, you can setup a local installation of Apache/mySQL/PHP, and install mediawiki on that.

    I’m incredibly satisfied with it, and I just thought more people should know about this idea.

  3. Mediawiki (which is, essentially, THE wiki software, more or less) is great especially if you require that the wiki be served to the internet. But, as you point out, it is designed as a full internet server application. So, the final product is essentially served to you (the reader or editors) by a web server, not as a document on your hard drive. So you are, like it or not, a web server administrator when you install/maintain/upgrade this software. But, you do get all the bells and whistles.

    When I messed around with that a year ago or so, I concluded that one might be better off using an on line wiki thingie, of which there were a few available.

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