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Singh Vindicated

When the science writer Simon Singh sat down to write an opinion piece on chiropractors two years ago, he could have had little inkling of the nightmare that lay ahead.

Yesterday, after a court of appeal ruling hailed as a “resounding victory” for Singh, he has been spared having to stand up in court and prove that the comments that sparked a libel suit from the British Chiropractic Association (BCA) were factually correct – an experience that the three appeal judges compared to “an Orwellian ministry of truth”.

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The Actual Four Stone Hearth Blog Carnival

And now, it is time for the April 1st edition of Four Stone Hearth, the four field Anthropological Blog Carnival.

Our first submission is from Somatosphere, a blog about Science, Medicine and Anthropology, and it is about the discover of Big Foot in the Poconos Mountains of Pennsylvania! No kidding, this time they REALLY FOUND BIG FOOT. Click here to read about bigfoot.

Our next installment is from the blog Seeing Race, and is live blog coverage of a recent investigation into the Burbank TV studio that was used in the Faking of the Apollo 11 moon Landing! Seriously! CLICK HERE
to find out about how they faked the moon landing! No kidding!

Then, we have, from The Primate Diaries, we have a report of the first successful hybridization of a Human and a Chimpanzee! The amazing thing is that the hybrid now has a blog on Scienceblogs.com called “Living in Uncanny Valley.” Seriously. Read about it here!

And now, finally, proof that leprechauns exist! No kidding! THEY REALLY DO, CLICK HERE!!!11!!

Time traveling tells us about an anthropological field school where everyone went to Mars and saw Elvis. No kidding. CLICK THIS LINK AND BELIEVE!

Anthropologist Underground presents evidence of the once thought to be apocryphal Hot Headed Naked Mole Rat of the Antarctic. Seriously, no kidding! CLICK HERE!

And Aardvark Archaeology has excavated a site that demonstrates that the Pyramids were built by SPACE ALIENS!!!!!

April Fools!!!!

Somatosphere: An An interview with Marcia Inhorn.

Seeing Race is a new blog that you should pay attention to, and the current post (but they are all of interest) is Lady Instructors Suffers For You

The Primate Diaries: Cultural Transmission in Chimpanzees

Anthropology in Practice: The Irish Diaspora: Why Even Trinidadians Are a Little Irish

Time Traveling: On Anthropology Field Schools . Also, A Visit to the Market and Some Baybay Memories

Anthropologist Underground: (Sub)Culture Shock! Part II

Aardvark Archaeology: Ritual and Rationality

The four stone heath blog carnival site is here. No kidding. And, the next edition is schedules for a Hot Cup of Joe. I am not making this up.

Please visit all the sites, Stumble on them, Digg them, and post them on your Facebook Page if you love Anthropology. Or even if you only kinda like Anthropology. Or,like most Anthropologists, if you tolerate anthropology enough that you don’t kill it when you see it. Usually.

If someone pisses in your iced tea … you don’t have to appreciate that

Subtitle: Republican Annoyed by Uppity Blacks with Phones

Watch and listen, and marvel at it. Marvel at the attitude of the caller, which I’m sure is fairly widespread. Marvel as well at the way the host handles the call. For which he should be fired instantly.

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Framing the Pacific Garbage Patch

Various environmental organizations have been using imagery of dead baby birds with toothbrushes in their guts and solid floating masses of garbage to describe and raise alarm about what has become known as the North Pacific Central Garbage Patch. Yet, the small but important amount of research that has been done there shows that the NPCGP consists of many (alarmingly many) pieces of plastic that are very small, the largest being “about the size of the fingernail on your pinkey.”

Albatross may or may not be affected by garbage, but it is not likely that the garbage shown in the guts of the baby birds in these particular media comes from the NPCGP. Yes, the plastic in the NPCGP and elsewhere may have a negative environmental effect, but the pictures of floating garbage, which are all from coastal estuarine regions down river from major “third world” population centers, are NOT of the NPCGP and thus constitute bald faced lies. Bald faced lies by organizations like Green Peace is the fuel that right wing anti-environmental pro-business neo conservative yahoos run on.

But the situation is even worse than that because of what appear to be the misguided efforts of a British Billionaire who has managed to frighten those best in a position to criticize him into remaining silent. In fact, I’m a little nervous writing this blog post.

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