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The racist harvard law school email maneno

I’ve spent a fair amount of time at the Harvard Law School. In fact, I was there when Barack was there. I didn’t attend the school, but I drank beer in the school’s beer hall, lived in a dorm shared by the law school and the science area, and cut through the main law school building on my way to the square when it was raining or really cold.

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It is hard to find a Class M blog

The Island of Doubt was the blog of James Hrynyshyn, and it dealt with environmental issues, and especially the politics of denialism. Well, James has shut down Island of Doubt and started a new blog called “Class M.” That new blog is here.

James is one of those people I’ve come to trust for information about environmental, climate, energy, and related issues. Plus he’s a genuinely nice guy. I’ve had the fortune of spending a fair amount of time with him at the ScienceOnline conferences, and that has been very enjoyable.

Go check out Class M. James intends for this new blog to be fairly specialized and focuses in certain key issues, to be very science oriented, and to mainly serve as a conduit between the peer reviewed literature and the interested citizen. I expect Class M to be the go to place for journalists and policy makers interested in the topics he covers.

Summer Reading List

Julia is going overseas for most of the summer, and she is putting together her reading list. I’m sure she’ll put together a fine list. But we live in a culture in which we are compelled to suggest to high school students what they might want to read, especially in preparation for college. I’ve looked at a couple of those lists, and they are dismal. Some seem to be lists of works that are especially long, challenging of language, in many cases unpublishable in the modern market, out of date, and boring. I mean, really, Moby Dick? Watch the movie, dude, the book is a bear.
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