14 thoughts on “Scientists Successfully Teach Gorilla It Will Die Someday

  1. Is it bad that I recognize the first dead gorilla photo as “The Death of Marchessa” from an old National Geographic?

  2. LOL I try to be nice to friends by letting them know I’m sending them to a spoof Onion news flash in my email or postings. It’s like Rick Rolling or getting Punk’d

  3. Yes, I feel sorry for Quigley. But by searching the logical and positive side in this video, they can understand if the reason that Humanity can be assholes and be destructive it’s, indeed, because? they are afraid to die and how they cope with it.
    And since animals can express freely without the society code of how you should polish or alter your reactions, it’s easier to understand him and ourselves with him.
    Plus, how much of our? human evolution and technology happened because we, as a species, realized that our living time is finity and wanted to leave something behind of ours to be remembered and feel that we truly lived?
    Some fear death and became crippled by it. Others embrace it and “triumph”.
    Many belive that Men become separted of Animal when it understood the concept of death….who knows how many species different then others could evolve like we did and bring something more to our planet.

  4. How on earth could you call yourselves scientists when you have taught such a loving creature that death is inevitable. Can you not see just how depressed you have made poor Quigley. The worst part is that you seem so happy about all this. I am only 12, but even i understand the importance of happiness within all living creatures. How could you? Shame on every single scientist and person that supports this kind of thing. I hope you all get reported to the rspca.( thanks to Bill who seems to also feel empathy towards Quigley.)

  5. Onion does some funny shit but this kinda made me sad when I read the remakr by a 12 year old. He/or she didn’t understand this was a joke. That being said….he/she can at least embrace the truth that humanity (in reality) does stuff far more cruel than this would have been if it were real. ..and that is a part of growing up. Learning it is a cruel and dangerous world.

  6. It’s bad enough we as humans that we think that death is sad ness but we have some people to talk us through Gorillas don’t. Good on you for feeling!!!

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