17 thoughts on “The Bill is Law

  1. The next problem to solve is the mandate combined with the fact that families can be forced to buy insurance from private companies at costs that can bankrupt them, OR go without a pay a fine.

    We desperately need a public option.

  2. Hardliner:
    That’s alright then…seeing as B. H. Obama is a natural born citizen of the USA, was duly elected president by the electoral college in 2008 and sworn in as president in Jan 2009.

    F**kin’ racist birfers…just because Obama has more recent African ancestry than you does not disqualify him from the position of POTUS.

  3. Hard liner is confused. He thinks ‘Dumbya’ Bush is still president. The guy who lost the popular vote. But hey, we have a real president now so we can forget that nightmare.

  4. What’s left to be done?

    In healthcare, single payer system.


    o Reinstate strong consumer protection regulations on financial institutions.
    o Get more serious about growing monopolies
    o Discourage manufacturing job exodus and encourage job growth by various tax and excise policies.
    o Pull out of Iraq and Afghanistan.
    o Close most foreign bases
    o Trim military budget by 30% over 5 years.

    These will help.

  5. I sense a great disturbance…as if millions of whiny racist rednecks cried out in frustration and were suddenly handed their pacifiers.

    o Trim military budget by 30% over 5 years.

    That might be moving too far, too fast. But at the very least we should cut our military budget back to where we’re only spending as much as the rest of the world COMBINED.

  6. I’d really like to see a public option to compete with the private insurance companies.

    Isn’t all the hysteria about offering one pretty much a tacit admission that the insurance companies CAN’T compete with a public option?

  7. @Azkyroth: That’s pretty much the case. Health insurers love to cry poor while robbing you. Over 40 years I’d watched the public health insurance scheme turn to shit and the insurers gain control of the health service providers from small clinics to huge hospitals. Gee, isn’t it funny how you can fix prices when you own the industry you’re insuring for? Also keep in mind that hospitals are run by people for profit, not for the benefit of the ill and injured. So you have numerous unnecessary things done under any variety of pretenses. However (looking around the globe), even public hospitals are not exempt from such corruption; government funding schemes often have the effect of pushing hospitals to engage in corrupt behavior to make a grab for their share of funding.

  8. when real Americans get into office in November and in 2012:

    Wow. Michele Bachmann has a sock puppet that reads this blog.

    The truth is that Democrats are too soft on these non-American Republicans. While the Democrats are in power, they should just export them all before the next election.

  9. I forgot how funny it is when a truly insane troll pops by. You can almost smell the smoke coming out of his ears as his one brain cell overheats.

  10. No I don;t like auto insurance. I buy it to protect my car, but I do not have to have it to survive as a human being. I can cancel at any time. I choose not to.

    It’s illegal to operate a motor vehicle without insurance on state or national highways, dumbass. That’s the point they’re making.

    Do you know what the word choice means, besides twhen it is described to be an excuse to be a baby killer? Free will, independence, and personal sovereign independent free choice is how I go.

    Make up your mind, will you?

    Correction: acquire a mind, then make it up, will you?

  11. I really loved the slogan “legalise the constitution”, Winston. Do you mean:

    – stop jailing people indefinitely without trial?
    – restore the presumption of innocence?
    – stop warrantless wiretaps?
    – stop unrestricted extension of executive power?
    – stop torturing prisoners?
    – try Bush, Cheney et al for trashing the constitution and war crimes?

    That, alas, is the only item on your list that I agree with you on.

    Americans were always boasting to me about their Bill of Rights and their Constitution, but it has all become – let’s say – just a little tarnished in recent years. Don’t think non-Americans haven’t noticed.

    Apart from that, your rant is obvious and brainless racism. Obama was legally elected as your President. Deal with it.

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