Let’s Get this Done

The current health care bill, which we DO need to pass (Stop whinging that is not perfect. Neither are you. We let you pass.) has two more steps to go through. Reconciliation and signing by the President. Barack will take care of that second part, but we need to pressure congress to take care of that first part.

Harry Reid has a petition for you to sign to help develop this support.

Click Here to Sign

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6 thoughts on “Let’s Get this Done

  1. Actually, all we need to make the Act that the House passed yesterday into law is the President’s signature. The “reconciliation” part is to fix some relatively minor bugs in the Senate bill. Barring the “41 vote majority” in the Senate they would have been in the original bill coming from conference committee.

  2. I know that everyone backs polls when the results support their opinion. But the consensus of polls shows that Americans do not want this legislation. Pollster.com puts the weighted average of current polls on the subject at 51.4 percent opposed and 41.9 percent in favor. A Jan. 22-24 survey by CNN found 38 percent favor and 58 percent oppose the bills passed by Congress. A Quinnipiac poll done earlier in January came up with 34 percent who “mostly approve,” while 54 percent “mostly disapprove.” And National Public Radioâ??s poll released Jan. 26 asked about Obamaâ??s proposal specifically, finding that 39 percent approved, while 55 percent disapproved. So, no matter, where you lean toward the conservative or liberal agenda, most Americans oppose the legislation. Stopping the reconciliation process may be the only way remaining to derail the legislation for this year.

  3. Dan, the vast majority of Americans want health care insurance reform, and have so for a long time, to now, and will continue to.

    The Republican tactic has been successful in getting the poll result you cite to exist in relation to the current legislation. Ask those same people who were polled any details about this legislation, and they will know nothing … NOTHING! about it.

    The masses are asses and the Republicans exploit that, and did so fairly effectively in this case.

    But not quite successfully enough. Not this time.

    So Dan, kiss my ass. You lost. Take your marbles and go home. If you have any marbles.

  4. And now go to http://wewantmedicare.com and sign the petition in support of H.R. 4789, the Medicare You Can Buy Into Act.

    On Thomas (at http://thomas.loc.gov/) you can read the bill and check out the names of the 80 reps who have signed on as co-sponsors. If your rep is not on the list, email him/her and encourage support. If your rep is on the list, email a thank you.

  5. Based on the tea partiers I have seen interviewed on television over the last week, most of the people demonstrating against the bill definitely do NOT understand it – they think it will allow the government to decide when to withhold care for elderly people, that it’s a “takeover” of the medical system (which it’s definitely not – the doctors and hospitals will NOT be government entities), and that it provided government funding for health care before the president agreed to issue an executive order to pacify Stupak.

    I live in Texas and John Cornyn is lying and saying it’s a government takeover.

    The polls I have seen indicate that when people are told what is actually in the bill – no more recission, no more refusing people with pre-existing conditions from getting insurance, no more caps on what insurance companies have to spend on insured folks’ care, etc. they FAVOR it.

  6. CORRECTION; they incorrectly think it provided for govt funding of ABORTIONS before the president issued an executive order to pacify Stupak.

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