What I had for dinner

I have several dark things to report. Two really bad things happened to me this evening; Some news about how bad Microsoft is; And an underwater robot meets Davey Jones’ locker.

First an update on the knee. The good news is that the swelling is reduced. The bad news is that the swelling seems to have kept some of the internal parts stabilized and now they are rubbing around against each other painfully. Strange things I’ve not seen before are protruding form the region of the incision. But no sign of infection, so I suppose it is OK.

The bad things that happened: 1) I watched Mama Mia; and 2) I broke a tooth. The tooth will require a root canal and cap. That’s not so bad compared to the memory which shall never leave me of Pierce Brosnan in a musical. OMG. Yes, yes, the impending root canal will be a pleasure.

On Microsoft, JH of Linux in Exile run new numbers on booting Windows 7. He can now make a direct comparison between Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Linux on the same hardware. There are differences. This is interesting, check it out.

Regarding the Robot, it appears that Abe is dead.

Somewhere off the coast of Chile a pioneering underwater robot named Abe lies in a watery grave today.

The Autonomous Benthic Explorer (ABE) was one of the first truly independent research submersibles, being both unmanned and un-tethered to its launching ship. While on its 222nd research dive on Friday all contact with the craft was lost, the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution has announced.

Check out the original post, which includes comments by the robot’s original masters.

So, what did I have for dinner? That’s not important. I just title some of my posts “what I had for breakfast/lunch/dinner” to mock those who complain about chatty blog posts. I do that when I write chatty blog posts.

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8 thoughts on “What I had for dinner

  1. And to think, I clicked on it looking forward to hearing about food.

    Mamma Mia didn’t look like the worst movie in the world. Then again, I’ve never had the desire to watch it.

    Sorry about your tooth. My mom got dental implants. (She had a dead tooth get crowned and bridged. Eventually, the tooth next to it got infected. She got a root canal and new crown and bridge. That lasted three years and they both fell out while we were eating lunch at Chevy’s down by the Mall of America.) My poor mother. Over a year later, she’s got some beautiful teeth!

    Best wishes on the root canal! I hope it isn’t too painful. If it starts to hurt, have someone bang down on your knee, so you’ll forget about the tooth pain.

  2. First the knee, and now a tooth? My my, or is it Momma Mia, you are becoming a fragile old fart. Virtually self-destructing before our eyes. And you haven’t recorded any of it. Good thing your smart and funny.

    Root canal is a bitch but it could be worse. They could have one of those DVD players and screens hooked up to entertain you while they work and play Momma Mia. You could also ask they drill without pain killer to complete the picture. The full Marathon Man. With musical theater thrown in for full measure. Big points, and bragging rights, if you do.

    But we are going to demand video or it didn’t happen. You have to work with us for those big points.

    Now get out there and fight. But don’t damage yourself until at least one of your previous injuries has healed. We are giving you a break here. Usually when an animal falls and injures a leg we shoot them. We have been able to hold odd the knackers wagon so far but more accidents and we will have to send you off to the glue factory.

  3. ABE is a big loss! I read about that at Deep Sea News yesterday, too.

    I had hot dogs and tater tots for dinner, and as far as the tooth goes the only thing I hated about root canals (I had about 4) was the setting of the rubber dam and having to REALLY OPEN WIDE for about 45 minutes each time. I now have full dentures, which are better than my rotten teeth were, but I envy Jaf’s mother. I would rather have implants.

    Knee. Can’t talk about it, it sounds pretty rough even while it’s healing.

    Carry on, chin up. Pip, pip! Bob’s yer uncle ye’ll be through this soon, Lad!

  4. Bummer about the root canal. When you’re having it done, ask for a jaw pillow (sometimes called a bite block). It’s a small rubber block that goes between the molars on the side opposite where the work is being done.

  5. Microsoft: Face the blue screen of death once, never complain about how long it takes to boot again.

    Actually, I dodged the blue screen.

    It happened, but after a pause a window message appeared and said do you wish to return to the last stable configuration, who wouldn’t, and it did.

    Since then every Windows update requiring a restart has had a touch of adventure not there previously.

    A blue screen of death experience makes you appreciate the little things.

  6. You know, the major determinant of bone strength is nitric oxide. That probably holds for tooth strength too, but the time constant is probably longer.

    Be sure to eat lots of green leafy vegetables. They have a lot of nitrate, which is well absorbed and concentrated ~10x into saliva where bacteria on the tongue reduce it to nitrite. Saliva can be ~2 mM/L in nitrite. The “sensitive tooth” toothpastes all have nitrate in them.

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