4 thoughts on “Westboro Church Pwned

  1. Ha! Frickin’ awesome! Did you see the look the Westboro nutter gave the interviewer when he asked, “did you just give me a look?”

    Interestingly enough, even the Phelps girls seemed to think it was funny in spite of what they were saying. They had little grins on their faces. Which supports that their nonsense might be more drama and acting than genuine piety.

  2. Nah, unfortunately that’s not a “hilarious” smile. That’s a nervous kind of smile. I remember my brother used to sport the same grin when we got into fights.
    If it was just drama, they’d have picked a more clement day to do their protest.

  3. That was brilliant. I think that if they were publicly treated as jokes more often, maybe then they would just go away. I loved that they were ‘Rick Rolled’ when they tried to protest Google in the Bay Area last month!

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