Texas Textbook Controversy on Nightline

Fundamentalist Christian dentist promotes drastic curriculum change.

Click here
then click “Texas Textbook Controversy part way down the middle column.

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12 thoughts on “Texas Textbook Controversy on Nightline

  1. Jackal are you being sarcastic?

    If we have national standards, it will be the same thing done at the federal level, and affect everyone in the country. Which ever party controls Congress will get to determine what kids learn the next 2 years.

  2. The problem is that with California not buying new textbooks for at least 4 years, Texas IS the national standard.

  3. I know this would never happen, but it’d be great fun to see publishers stand up to these putzes and print books that accurately reflect science and history. Leave it to the SBOE to explain to parents that their kids don’t have textbooks because no publisher was willing to so reduce the quality of their products.

  4. How big a science nerd am I? Very excited. I hardly ever watch TV, last time I used my TV chip was for Judgement Day: Intelligent Design on Trial.

    Unfortunately, my tv chip is not hdtv. so if I can see this via streaming I will, otherwise catch it when it is archived.

  5. “The problem is that with California not buying new textbooks for at least 4 years, Texas IS the national standard.”

    I’d like to see SBOEs of other states speaking out on this, e.g. “If you write your new textbooks to Texas standards we’ll be using the old ones, thank you. Better outdated info (which we can supplement with handouts) than false and distorted info.”

    This could have an impact if enough states do it. Assuming, of course, there are enough rational members of those state’s boards.

  6. This is so ridiculous. The simple answer is for schools in the northeast, midwest, and northeast regions of the country to join together and refuse to buy these bastardized textbooks. Together they represent a MUCH larger school-age population (oh, and are also at the top of the 50-state education rankings UNLIKE Texas) and could possibly insert some common sense into this backwards state of affairs.

  7. The bilble, torah, and koran are the most influential books in the history of mankind. No other literature has shaped the world like these three books. Teaching how these books have influenced cultures is a must for a child to have a proper education. Teaching how one has influenced ones own culture is a must for a child to have a proper self identity. I would much rather have one of my children come to me with questions that differ from my religious belief than never be exposed to it at all. It would open up conversations that would help in healthy social development. When my children grow into adults I would hope that they have as large a base of knowledge as possible in order to make decisions in their lives. Especially, since I won’t always be around for them to come to for help.

  8. As a parent of a Texas student, I find it truly sad that other parents want their kids taught a history that is full of half truths and no Thomas Jefferson. To say that a confederate general should be a role models is just gross.

  9. so ironic..

    Texas is the biggest buyer of textbooks…
    but #50 out of 50 states…DEAD LAST…

    what does that tell you?
    “more” doesnt mean “right”…

    I grew up here and Ive lived here my entire life and
    Texas has it wrong on so many issues. uneducated and some educated far-right leaning people are so afraid of their families “going gay” “atheist” etc.

    its laughable…except for the part where its really true..

  10. how does a place like Texas, thats supposedly built upon freedom and libertarian views reconcile taking Thomas Jefferson out of textbooks??


    they’ll be burning books next…watch…..
    just like the Beatles records in the 60s….

    remember, Texas was part of the confederate states of america; old ideologies die hard…

  11. There futile attempt to have great heroes like Thurgood Marshall and Cesar Chavez names removed from the textbooks ought to indicate where they are really coming from. If they really want to focus on their own history, I would suggest that they include the history of the Ku Klux Klan and the American Nazi Party.

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