The Boob Have Commanded Me

As we all know, the Skepchicks are all about boobs and nothing else. Typical chicks. Can’t think of anything else. And their boobs have commanded me to make one more request from my readers to consider donating some money to the senseless no-account purpose-free orgy that they will be hosting here in the Twin Cities here in July.

Click here for details.

And if you think I’m being sarcastic, that’s funny. Because you’re only reading what I’m writing. Your not seeing what I’m thinking.

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7 thoughts on “The Boob Have Commanded Me

  1. Uh-oh. Better be on the lookout for the crazies from Zuska’s blog.

    How dare you say “boob”?! A boob is a stupid person, ergo, you are calling all women teh st0opid!! You horrible smelly sexist mananderthal**!


    As is apparent, I just came from that blog. I’m going to have to shower off the stupid once I get home, as it’s burning something awful. Talk about hypocrisy.

    /eye rolling

    From the linked page, I just wanted to add:

    A couple of awesome readers have come forward with very generous donations, and an offer to match your subsequent donations.

    Even more incentive to donate!!

    **I hereby claim copyright (har) of the term “mananderthal”, as it apparently doesn’t exist anywhere else on the web at the time of this post.

  2. Well, what I have in mind is a very cheap fifth rate science fiction movie where a group of geeky chicks are taken over by aliens disguised as their boobs. The boobs send out mind-rays and make both the hosts and everyone else do things for them.

    I’m stuck on the part of the plot where the boobs from space have some specific purpose in mind.

    But the name of the flick is apparent. ..

    “Boobs From Space”

  3. Male fantasies:

    Woody Allen’s “All You Wanted to Know About Sex, but were Afraid to Ask”.

    Philip Roth “The Breast”

  4. The boobs send out mind-rays and make both the hosts and everyone else do things for them.

    I’m pretty sure boobs do this already. Except for the whole sci-fi “mind rays” spin.


    I just realized that all this time I’ve taken for granted that my boobles inherently have mind control powers, when it might actually be alien powers.

    My gawd…they’ve lulled us into a false sense of security!!!


  5. The aliens’ purpose should be pretty obvious. Extracting life force (to the point of death) from suckling infants and the heterosexual male population, beginning at adolescence. Of course, this assumes that they are 1)hungry, 2)bent on domination of Earth’s population, 3)under the impression that the remaining predominantly female population will be under their control (silly aliens). At least this would be what MY aliens disguised as boobs would be after. Yours may be a completely different animal.

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