16 thoughts on “My new knee brace

  1. That’s funny – I was going to ask how the leg was doing since the swelling due to the general trauma should have largely subsided by now.

    Now if students refuse to call you “Robo Prof” you can gross them out with an emu impression (though that will probably do more damage to the joint and smaller ligaments).

  2. I had one of those after my last knee surgery. I had to wear high top boots to keep it from slipping down.

    On another note, you now have a perfect response to anyone who claims that we were intelligently designed: the human knee? Intelligence? Design?

  3. I wore something very similar when I had my left knee reconstructed when I was 16. I suggest you wash yours more frequently than a 16 year old boy washes his, as mine could move on it’s own by the time I was done with it.

  4. Actually, those are not my legs. And, not to be immodest or anything, but my calves are significantly more muscular than that.

    They cut back on the opiates considerably, damn them.

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