5 thoughts on ““the merge window for 2.6.34 is now open”

  1. I admit I’m very much looking forward to Ubuntu 10.4; there may not be a great deal of changes to the UI but the increased hardware support is going to make my spreading it around easier… I’ve been converting all my users; starting with “problem users” and now my “normal users”…

  2. But 10.04 will have 2.6.32, not 2.6.33. I’ve been running the .33 kernel for some time, as release candidates, and have had no problems at all. It boots very slightly faster than .32, but otherwise I see no real difference. I installed Ubuntu Lucid alpha 3 today, and it looks ok so far. I’m really looking forward to getting rid of 9.10, and I regret upgrading to it.

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