Canadian Lady’s Hockey Players Lack Aplomb!

According to The Internet, the Canadian females, many under drinking age by several days, partied on the ice after beating the American Team in Vancouver yesterday. They had champaign, beers, smoked cigars, and they got silly, attempting at one point to drive the Zamboni machine around on the ice!!!!


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19 thoughts on “Canadian Lady’s Hockey Players Lack Aplomb!

  1. Obviously this is because Canada is a Godless nation full of socialists. Why else would simple women be inclined to act out such a vulgar display of carousal?

  2. Canadian girls kick ass!
    We ask them to participate in a predominantly mens sport. When they do it better than the men (subject to later revision, of course) and act like men would, we criticise?
    No… they deserve to act however they want, they have the bling…

  3. I was actually more disappointed in the pouting and angry looks from the AMERICAN Hockey Women… I guess I dont get it. You played to the final game, and lost IN HOCKEY to the CANADIAN Team… you know..the country that sort of OWNS Hockey? (even if LaCross is actually the official national sport) Suck it up, stop pouting and frowning, take the SILVER Medal, and smile, hug a Canuck…or a FINN, and see if there is any more Beer and stogies…

  4. OHNOZ!!! Bad, bad hockey players!

    When they do it better than the men

    Meh, remains to be seen actually. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed watching the Woman’s rounds, many have been exciting. The downside is that there is WAY more of a discrepancy between countries in the woman’s rounds. Makes for some fun games, but most are blowouts that are kind of boring.

    Correction: in at least one of the photos, the can reads “Coors”. Everyone knows that’s not real beer.

    Yeah, and it taste like Canadian beer /ducks. C’mon, ever had Molson, Ice House or Labat Blue – YEK! Also Blue Moon is owned by Coors. They need some color in their beer (OK OK, I’m not including any type of Micro, which the same could be said for beer here…)

    I was actually more disappointed in the pouting and angry looks from the AMERICAN Hockey Women

    I was extremely disappointed in their reaction. Of course it’s a downer when you don’t win, but c’mon, where’s the sports(wo)manship? You made it to the medal round, and fought a good fight.Be happy your one of the best in the world and got to preform on a world class stage. Something woman hockey players don’t get enough of.

  5. Oh, and as presumed and feared, the pile-on chastising these girls continues as various photos of various male athletes chucking pitchers right after (and on site) events, or snorting coke off their medals (maybe) or whatever have emerged. But that’s OK. Guys will be guys.

  6. As a proud Canadian woman, all I can say is that you’re all just lucky they didn’t break out the rye and have a fistfight. Which is, y’know, how it’s generally done up here. Or at least, out here on the prairies. 😉

  7. And as one of my Canadian Facebook friends posted:

    “Well behaved women seldom make history” – Laurel Thatcher Ulrich

  8. I see the men were just as sour over getting silver… I guess being American means not being good sports when you come in second (gotta win at everything). I’m not an American basher – but believe Canadian women and men would have at least cracked a smile if they had to settle for silver. And our countries’ psyche is wrapped up in winning hockey games.

    Second point – the women may be gold hockey players but they are women hockey players. They won only about 65% of the time when they play against 16/17 year old amateur boys (Midget league). If they ever did a real game against men, the score would be something like 60 to nothing… So, raise a mug of beer to them – but the real prize lies with the men…

    Good Olympics though – now, it’s just up to us taxpaying Canucks to wait for the bill…

  9. Acemeister, your country is a fake and every war you ever got stuck in the good old US of A pulled you out of it. You are our biggest security threat to us because you can’t police your own borders, and no wonder since the bad guys can see the mountys coming a mile away with their Dudly Doright big red uniforms.

    So there, eh? Why don’t you go down a molsen’s, hoser!

  10. USA All the Way –

    I’ll bet you’ve noticed that 100% of Canada’s borders are with the USA. I cannot understand why the US and Canada didn’t do their own Schengen-like agreement in the 20th Century. If the French don’t need the Germans to show their passports, why do we require Canadians to?

    I won’t mention that the only war fought in Canada came from invasions from across the border that you complained about. Sure, they volunteered to help the King or Queen a few times, but those weren’t Canada’s wars. If the USA hadn’t been acting like a draft-dodger in a couple of those wars, a lot fewer Canadians would have died.

  11. USA All the Way…

    I always support the U.S. – no doubt the greatest country ever – but dumbasses such as yourself are a sad exception. How about going back to grade 5 and learning to spell, then finding out that most illegal border crosses come from Mexico, that Canada has never been “saved” by the U.S. in a war, that our country (at one tenth the population and economy of the U.S.) has always hit above our weight when fighting beside the U.S.

    But your socialist president is remaking your country into a Canada-lite. Soon you’ll be as mediocre as us hosers, eh? Someday, you’ll win hockey gold. But it wasn’t yesterday, now, was it?

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