7 thoughts on “Is there annything you’ve said here that could not have been equall well said in the 140 character limit set by Twitter? Well, if you ask me …

  1. I still fail to see any purpose to Twitter, other than stroking the egos of celebrities or wannabe celebrities. Why would I want to hear about the minute to minute mundane machinations of other people? I lead my own life and that is sufficient.

    …and yes, I did read Mike’s article and I disagree with those who profess to simplify language and make it less flowery. Stretching the vocabulary also stretches the mind and thought process. I disagree that handwriting is preferred.

  2. NEB, we seem to be kindred spirits in our desires for more expansive language; I don’t think that using pens is the way to access the ability to write with more eloquence. I am moe musing on whether or not the change in writing and reading preference is due to the changeover from handheld (not palm device!) writing instruments to pens to keyboards.

    I don’t think that there is a metaphysical relationship, of course being a hardcore materialist; I think that since writing with a keyboard produces more immediate results that writing has moved from being a deliberative process to a “quick results” process.

  3. Off topic and only because I’ve been empowered by the delightful Cuttlefish:

    There was a young man from Hong Kong
    Who had a trifurcated dong.
    A small one for sucking,
    One larger for fucking,
    And a honey for beating a gong!

    *. . . making the best of it since 1951 . . .*

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