11 thoughts on “Latest Curling Results from Vancouver

  1. Yeah, it’s all hip to be too cool to care about curling…

    I love curling. I have been watching it, I have been cheering. I wish the US Men’s team had about 4 do-overs… except that they did what they did, and deserve their scores. Frankly, the women’s games have been much more exciting, and I have been enjoying them much more.

    Anyway, I clicked here hoping that you were being serious. (I won’t say “I won’t make that mistake again”, cos I don’t make idle threats.) I am… disappointed. I can get snarky dismissal of curling anywhere.

  2. Anon, I did not snarkily dismiss curling. I just showed a bit of one of my favorite movies in which curling plays a minor role. Indeed, you and I might be in a very small minority of curling afficienatos who watched every bit of the Olympic curling this year (I did, I assume you did) and four years ago (I did, I assume you did) even though we had to go through extraordinary efforts to get to a TV showing the event.

    The first time I curled was about the time this movie came out, when I was quite little, and the most recent time I’ve curled was about two weeks ago. I’m guessing that your career throwing rocks is about 42 years from start to finish. Mine is.

    Have you seen the movie, by the way? It’s great.

  3. Great clip! I’m starting to prepare for the 2014 Olympics. Curling is my last, best hope to compete. April 6 is my first curling “clinic.” Let’s hope I don’t have a “Greg” mishap before then.

    My previous Olympic hope hinged on ice skating. I went to the rink after a two decade hiatus and someone in front of me fell over trying to do some duck maneuver, causing cascading crashes. The resultâ??broken elbow. My skating career ended that day!

  4. Seriously? Digital Rabbit in Russia in 2014? You’ll need to come here for a few months to practice with the team (which is mainly in Minnesota or nearby areas of Wisconsin). If you are on a team on 2014, I’ll go.

  5. OK, so I exaggerated slightly. My most recent experience was a video game, and my first experience was somewhere, but I don’t remember, as a kid. There was definitely curling.

    But I did really watch it this year and 4 years ago. And, this year, the Capitan of the US team (mens) noted that he didn’t care how many silly remarks people made about curling. All publicity is good publicity he said. And he’s the Tiger Woods of Curling so that means something.

  6. If you don’t dream it it will never happen. One necessity in life is to have something to look forward to….a dream. Dreams don’t have to fade with age and they shouldn’t be imposed on our/your children. We are targeting and envisioning 2014 and it feels so good to just have the uplifting hope. Doesn’t matter the odds…or how odd you think it is. We shall enjoy the journey…the road to….

    Digital Rabbit’s Partner in a Dream

    P.S. Trying to envision what the Tiger Woods of Curling to be….will see after tomorrow’s press conference.

  7. I learned to appreciate curling a lot more watching CBC coverage of it in ’98 in Nagano. The key was having two commentators who really knew curling, and one of them knowing what the audience probably didn’t know, and how to get that out of the other guy. You really have to know what the person throwing the rock is trying to do, and WHY.

    I can’t imagine you’ll ever get that from any American network, while they’re pretending that the tape delayed coverage of something from six hours ago IS ACTUALLY HAPPENING RIGHT NOW!!!

  8. I am Canadian. We take our curling seriously in the Great White North. It’s a more difficult sport (yes, it’s a sport) than it looks. It requires strength, finesse, endurance and a strong will.

    But, in the end, it’s a bunch of guys throwing rocks down the ice. I think it’d far more absurd to not point how absurd the sport is than to make good-hearted fun of it.

  9. Up in Northern Minnesota, where I am right now, the basic cable channels include Canadian TV so I could be watching curling live. But Dad had a snit about cable 15 years ago and went to Satellite which doesn’t carry CTV. So, I could go up and watch it at the Nursing Home with him.

    That being said, I have two comments:

    1. “That’s what you get from teaching science by television.”
    2. I love curling. We learned it in high school and have a local rink here in my little hometown. I also loved the movie “Men With Brooms.”

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