9 thoughts on “In Honor of Charles Darwin’s Birthday: Huxley v. Wilberforce

  1. If Huxley could converse in English right now, he would say:

    “Daaaaaaaaad! you keep putting me in embarrassing videos…
    …and you’re showing to whom?
    Stop it.”

  2. Don’t forget to archive those pictures and videos. Some day a 16yo Huxley will want to get a whole-body tattoo, take up toad licking (for spiritual reasons), and move to a commune to eat organic quantum-laser-tuned wheat grass juice, and worship the latest incarnation of “The Great One” … and the leverage will come in handy.

  3. This is off-topic, but Greg, I wondered if you know of the economic historian Gregory Clark?

    He has written a new paper claiming, for instance:

    “First, England, all the way from the heart of the Middle Ages in 1200 to 2009, is a society without persistent social classes, at least among the descendants of the medieval population. It was a world of complete social mobility, with no permanent over-class and under-class, a world of complete equal opportunity.”

    Anyway, here is a post about the paper:


    The comments make interesting reading, and Clark himself shows up.

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