What about the intersection between IQ and Q?

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Skeptics ask questions (Q’s) and try to do so in a systematic, scientific, way. But what about IQ (and here I use IQ as a euphemism for smarts). The recent discussion here and elsewhere about the Skepchicks touched on this issue. I’ve been (temporarily) avoiding it, but skepchick car2d2 is staring to think about it.

Please have a look at this: Skepticism: Your IQ must be this high to ride

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2 thoughts on “What about the intersection between IQ and Q?

  1. Not on point, but we’re all still waiting for the beat down you seemed to hint at that Rushton et al had coming from you.

    What happened?

  2. D: I’ve been very busy with other things that have come up that I did not expect, and I can’t lay my hands on one or two items I need (but that will be fixed).

    This is going to take time and it will be a long and drawn out process, because every time I say one thing there will be dozens of comments citing all the same exact self-referential or irrelevant studies. Which is part of the fun, I suppose!

    Thanks for asking!

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