Can’t We All Just Get Along?

When I first got involved with skepticism, I noticed that it was a total sausage fest. Except for one prominent group of women, the Skepchicks, the attention paid to women in the skeptical movement was slim. And how did I feel about the Skepchicks? A little jealous honestly….

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One thought on “Can’t We All Just Get Along?

  1. Firstly, i cross-posted this onto the other site as well, but wanted to also put my opinino on here.

    good post, and while we talked for many many hours last night about all of this. there is one line that strikes me:

    â??â?¦I challenge the pro-boob and anti-boob outreach camps to do something useful, such as devise a test to see which method is more effective.â?

    It strikes me because while i do know you very well, it does give the impression of drawing a line in the sand saying both cannot be valid and both cannot coexist (although pro-boob, and anti-boob is not the way i would say describes or does justice to who and what one does. those that only see boobs are not seeing that there is MUCH more substance within the writings and connections). This is just an observation from a friend, and that is all it is. Nothing mean-spirited or anger-lace intended.

    What I do not understand are people who chose to write off a very smart group of women who are able to blend science and at the same time showing people that they can be confident and sexy as well (instead of holding a grudge against them and blaming them for every little problem you see in the movement, maybe talking to them rationally would actually help work better than using a soap-box to mock their posts or sling dirt in their faces). There is no one definite way that skepticism has to be, and that is something I wish more people would realize and instead of getting worked up and angered and use petty-indirect name calling, they could use that energy by creating their own group and their own bubble instead of talking to their friends about how much they dislike a particular site. simply put, if they donâ??t care about it, then why feel the need to talk about it?

    The last thing we need is a total schism in the skeptical movement because we keep arguing that a Granny Smith Apple is not the same as a Washington Apple. They are both apples and there is plenty of room for people who like either one, or both.
    Thank you ~

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