Skepticism and Race

On the next episode of Skeptically Speaking, a panel discussion on skepticism and race. Is the face of modern skepticism really as monochrome as it appears? How do we make our message appeal to a broader, more diverse audience? And how do racial demographics influence belief in pseudoscience and the paranormal?

Our panel includes LaVerne Knight-West, Stephanie Zvan, and Girl 6.

This Friday!
Details here.

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One thought on “Skepticism and Race

  1. I used to belong to a web forum and I believe that Asians have one of the highest proportions of secularism. But from personal experience I would say that Asians also have a lot more superstitions from the “old country”. Having said that, I do believe that the proportionally large percentage of Asians in the sciences would hopefully expose us to more critical thinking.
    I cannot speak for other groups.

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