OMG, Cognitive Daily is No More!

Cognitive Daily, the blog, is one of the blogs that made science blogs (both in general and at a legitimate, valid enterprise instead of a bunch of random jackasses screwing around on the Internet. Like a nice hat on a man who could be part scoundrel or a great pair of shoes on a woman with ill intention, Cognitive Daily made the rest of us look … valid. Like we shouldn’t be taken off the air. Like we had a reason to call ourselves important.

But Cognitive Daily is now gone. Greta and Dave wrote their last post today, just a few minutes ago.

Crap. Now what are we going to do? And you think I’m joking but I’m not.

WTF. Go say good-bye.

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2 thoughts on “OMG, Cognitive Daily is No More!

  1. My screensaver is the peer-reviewed scienceblogs RSS feed. I like it. However, the point that that blog will be missed is a good one.

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