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The famous Shorewood High School Lip Dub Video (Hall and Oats)

This was a project by a high school video class. As you watch, you’ll see objects doing things that they should not do as students take turns singing a Hall and Oats song while they walk/dance along the halls of their high school.

The entire thing is filmed backwards, which explains how paper air planes unfly and bubbles unblow and baloons unpop and stuff unfalls. But if you watch the lip syncing students, you’ll notice that they are lip syncing correctly … their lips are matching the words as well as lip syncing does. But how did they make this happen if they were filming backwards?

Watch the video:
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Yellowstone: She’s gonna blow!!!

Well, not really.

But, as noted in Eruptions, there is a new swarm of little earthquakes underneath the Yellowstone Caldera. You’ll remember we discussed this here last time that happened. Since that time, of course, we’ve gotten to see what it would actually look like if the world’s scariest caldera (maybe) actually went off:
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#scio10 Science Online 2010 recollections and reflections on the sessions I attended

Last weekend I attended Science Online 2010, which is a conference of science communicators with a heavy mix of bloggers, many journalists and others from the print industry, an increasingly large number of book authors, and OpenX (X=access, notebook, science, or whatever) advocates and practitioners.
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#scio10: Response to Ed Yong’s excellent reflections.

In reference to this

Bullet Point 1: I agree, and I wanted to do that to you but for some reason we did not hook up.
Bullet Point 2: It is good to match up the flesh to the sound, it changes everything!
Bullet Point 3: I’m sure you are right about the explosion. Brilliant, actually (imagine that said in an Oxford accent).
Bullet Point 4: I saw this as well, and some of us are now talking about a “blog book tour” idea as an example of that. I hope you are interested.
Bullet Point 5: Sorry about your brain breaking, but it will get better (imagine that in a Monty Python accent).
Bullet Point 6: True.
Bullet Point 7: Reminds me of Levi Straus’s comments about using a wire recorder while working in the Amazon.
Bullet Point 8: Meh.

#scio10 My point by point response to The Science Goddess regarding SciOnline 2010

  • Bullet point 1: I just laid down and passed out.
  • Bullet point 2: I stayed as far away from SciCurious as possible, for that very reason.
  • Bullet Point 3: I also want to bottle Damond Nollan.
  • Bullet Point 4: LOL. But seriously, this is a philosophy that not only applies to phones but to all technology. Keep it simple = keep it accessible (often).
  • Bullet Point 5: OMG, is that how we looked? That’s the last time I do something with PZ Myers! : )
  • Bullet POint 6: … Question 1: Yeah. But funnily enough, a “fact checker” probably always knows one when one sees one. Question 2: I don’t have time to think about that. Question 3: Huh.

Post bullet point questions: No, it would be bad. We need to think of ways to not break this great thing. The conference is currently at its maximum size or nearly so.

I have a few ideas: Make off-site on line participation real, easy, fun and effective, so people who normally attend will be inclined to skip some conferences and attend others, yet participate in all; Have a six month off-set conference in another location (I think the organizers were thinking of something like this).

The above remarks are a response to this post.