Is it Possible to Communicate Through the Power of Thought?

Before I took the snap, I had a funny feeling that Alec was trying to tell me something. Not verbal communication or any facial expression or signal; whatever it was, I knew that he wanted the deep ball. So I called hike and the ball was snapped to me and I threw the ball as far as I could. The defense looked back, only to see that my brother Alec caught the ball with nobody contesting him. He leaped into the end zone and we celebrated our touchdown. “Wow!” said Victor. “You guys are an amazing team, it’s like you guys used some kind of twin telepathy on that play.

Find out what’s going on here…

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4 thoughts on “Is it Possible to Communicate Through the Power of Thought?

  1. Here’s the comment that I just left at the site. Understandably, it is going through moderation so it may be some time before it may show up there (if ever):

    I don’t really get how this is really a demonstration of B2B [brain-to-brain]. Just replace the sender with a computer or even just a typist pressing “1” or “0”, and you get the same thing. What’s more interesting (and amazing to me) is that the receiver’s BCI can interpret the receiver’s subconscious (? is this the correct word?) detection of the difference in light frequencies without the receiver’s conscious help. I think this is closer to being mind-reading than telepathy.

    As for the twins’ football play thing… Two words. Confirmation. Bias.

  2. Monimonika, you’ve obviously never lived with a cat.

    *sniffle* It’s not like I didn’t want to have a cat. If it weren’t for my allergies, I’d probably have 2 or 3 cats using me as floormat. :'(

    Anyway, can you clarify what you meant? My brain’s being slow today.

  3. I am a little confused: the receiver’s 1/0 choice is derived by EEG readings?

    Also: in what way is a flashing light different than transmitted speech or text where it can be classified differently (b2b)?

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