2 thoughts on “God is one smart cookie

  1. While the last bit is very funny, circumcision is actually mandated before the sacrifice of Issac.

    There’s actually a subtle issue in the text surrounding the sacrifice of Issac that is rarely noted, possibly because the modern religious interpretations so frequently interfere with reading the text as it simply is. Of the three patriarchs, Abraham, Issac, and Jacob, Issac is clearly the least theologically interested in the three. This character fits well with someone who was bound on an alter and almost sacrificed to fit the whims of an apparent very capricious deity. This reading possibly fits with other aspects of the text. For example, of Jacob and Esau, Issac prefers Esau, the less religiously inclined of the two children.

    The characters in Genesis are really subtle, well-portrayed people. This becomes pretty apparent when one reads the text without all the surrounding apologetics and theology that even most atheists bring to it (simply because they’ve heard them so many times).

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