Important things for you to read

First, following Ethan‘s Fitness Challenge (to which I responded here) there is another new entry by Dunford here.

Discovering Biology in a Digital World gears up for Science Online 2010: Citizen Science: all fun and no data? ScienceOnline 2010

Isis is branching out from the realm of incivility to the world of diversity, also at Science Online 10: Dr. Isis Continues to Ponder Diversity for #scio10. She’s asking for your ideas as to how to respond to certain question about diversity.

EM Johnson has the third (and I think final) installment of his Social Darwinism posts.

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2 thoughts on “Important things for you to read

  1. Thanks again for the link. However, as that noted social Darwinist Mark Twain once wrote, “The report of my death was an exaggeration.” I should have at least one more installment before I put this theory to bed.

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