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Important things for you to read

First, following Ethan‘s Fitness Challenge (to which I responded here) there is another new entry by Dunford here.

Discovering Biology in a Digital World gears up for Science Online 2010: Citizen Science: all fun and no data? ScienceOnline 2010

Isis is branching out from the realm of incivility to the world of diversity, also at Science Online 10: Dr. Isis Continues to Ponder Diversity for #scio10. She’s asking for your ideas as to how to respond to certain question about diversity.

EM Johnson has the third (and I think final) installment of his Social Darwinism posts.

Race and Class

If you follow the race-IQ discussion, you’ll note that the entire edifice is calibrated to questions of work and class. As long as classism stands, the arguments of inherent ability will be plausible to far too many people, and the problem of blacks in poverty will be used to justify itself. Just as racism has always been used to justify poverty.

Read: At the Corner of Race and Class at Quiche Moraine by Stephanie Zvan.

#scio10 Conferencing

Science Online 2010 is coming up in a few days. There is a post at A Blog Around the Clock that is a veritable clearing house for all of the blogospheric information on this conference, including ways for you to participate in the conference even if you do not attend in physical form. I’m sure I’ll be blogging from the conference. For now, I just want to talk about conferences in general, as part of my mental preparation for the impending event.

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From Fit to Fat to Fit: Joining the Gym

Continued from here

Back from South Africa and with some time on my hands, I was hell bent on keeping the promise I had made to myself to get back into shape. For most people I know, this would mean eating better and going to the gym more often. But for me, it meant eating better and going to a gym for the first time in my life.
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