5 thoughts on “Which is bigger, cats or dogs?

  1. The biggest tiger video needs some scale. For instance, the thing he’s eating? It’s the giant dog from vid #2.

    (actually, my sister has a newfie–they’re nice dogs, but boy did it slobber).

  2. Ligers are indeed the largest cats, sometimes reaching over 900 lbs. This dwarfs the largest dog, where the world record is apparently 343 lbs.

    But soon this question will be much easier, since every cat except the domestic will be extinct.

  3. Hey,
    Thanks for the amazing videos tiger looking really scary i would like to share the info about biggest cat of the world is Snowball, a black and white cat, is the worlds largest cat. It weighs in at over 250lbs

  4. Of the existing animals there is no doubt that the cats are the biggest. I have no idea about extinct animals though. Many dog breeds are much larger than the wolves, so forget any ideas that wild dogs are bigger than cats.

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