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From Fit to Fat to Fit and Back: Exercise and Weight Loss

Did you ever watch cattle? I mean, really watch them, for a few hours? Mostly they just sit or stand around munching on grass, chewing their cud, or snoozing. But every once in a while a handful of them will stand up and point in one direction. And they may take a few steps in that direction. Then a few more will join them. And once a critical mass has been reached, the whole herd will just go. Domestic cattle, wild African cape buffalo, whatever. This is what they do.

And as the cattle do, so do Scienceblogs.com bloggers. And the current stampede about to form up is about fitness. I’m not sure where it started, but I first noticed it at ERV‘s blog, but Page 3.14 has also picked it up.

We’re not talking about Darwinian fitness, but rather, physical fitness.

So, because I’m as much a member of the herd as the next cow, I decided to join in and tell you my fitness story … or at least, a version of it. Part I is below the fold.
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Speaking of “Negro” …

Nevada Democratic Senator and Senate Leader Harry Reid apparently stepped in it:

The US Senate majority leader, Harry Reid, has apologised for private comments he made about Barack Obama before the 2008 presidential election.

He is quoted in a new book as saying Mr Obama could win since he was a “light-skinned” African-American “with no Negro dialect”, unless he wanted one.

The Democrat said he now regretted “using such a poor choice of words” and apologised to any Americans offended.

President Obama quickly accepted the apology and said “the book is closed”.

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