Gay Marriage?

Are you for a pro-gay marriage bill currently being considered in New Jersey or against it?

There’s a poll.

This is a tough one. PZ’ minions are making a dent but not enough. So I respectfully request all eleven of my readers to head over there and help out.

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26 thoughts on “Gay Marriage?

  1. Fixed. It’s up to 62% Yes.
    And thanks for your support, but I’m not sure I want to get married in NJ. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  2. Oh well. it doesn’t matter since liberals claims polls don’t mean anything.

    That is untrue. Conservatives claim polls mean something when they are in the conservative’s interest, and that they don’t mean anything when they are not in the conservative’s interest. Liberals, on the other hand, think polls mean whatever they mean, which depends on the methodology and other factors.

    In other words, conservatives “believe” whatever they find politically convenient. Seriously. They do. Liberals try to understand tings.

    You are probably referring to the fact that liberals often support policies that run counter to the public opinion. This is very true. Liberals do that all the time. So do Conservatives, but Liberals probably do it more often and more prominently, and more often this effects eventually turns into “legislation from the bench” when it is a liberal issue (like ending slavery and racial discrimination) and tea-party like activitiy (like the conservative position to not improve heatlh car in America).

  3. Is this going to be a public vote or a rigged vote (in the state legislature)? It should be public.

    that’s right, our popularly-elected representatives are actually going out of their way to do the opposite of what their constituents want, because that’s what wins votes. it’s a liberal conspiracy!!!!!

  4. I voted from PZ’s blog. The results were running pretty dismally, I hope we have been able to ‘Laden’ the voting in the correct direction by now!

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