Using Social Media to Promote Atheism

Social Media and Atheism …. an Atheist Talk Conversation with Mike Haubrich, Stephanie Zvan and Greg Laden.

We talk about trolls too.

The rug really ties the conversation together.

Click Here to see or download the MP4.

Embedded version may or may not be below the fold:

Here is the first part of the show embedded. (This is experimental. If it works I’ll add the other three parts eventually.)

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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12 thoughts on “Using Social Media to Promote Atheism

  1. Isn’t atheism also a religion? Or is there a proof that god doesn’t exist? I personally don’t know if there is a god or not but some people seem to know it. Unfortunately they aren’t able to show a proof. In my eyes also atheists are believers.

  2. It was fun seeing and hearing you all for (for me) the first time! I’ve heard you all talk before on podcasts, and seen pictures, but never video. This kind of thing really helps me hear your voices when reading your posts.
    Also, big thanks for the shout-out, didn’t see that coming, and I lauuuuughed and laughed.
    The rug was nice.
    I guess I need to try out farmville now ….

  3. Yeah, we were both blind-sided by shoutout. Seriously. 😀

    This was a great talk — good pacing, and long enough to get some good meat on it but still leaves you wanting more. That’s key to longevity in these things!

    I have been meaning to try Second Life for years now. One of these days I might actually get around to even downloading it. Figure there’s a skeptic/atheist presence there? I hear Phil Plait gave a virtual symposium once… though he apparently spent half his talk familiarizing himself with the controls or something along those lines.

  4. Well, Jason and Jodi, there is no backing out now. People now your story all over cable access in Minnesota!

    And on Scienceblogs.

    Alexander, you may want to learn more about atheism. It’s really agnosticism without the sugarcoating. It’s not an attempted to disprove, but a statement of doubt that supernatural entities exist.

  5. No worries Mike, we’ve got our outfits being delivered and the ring is off to be resized and notched now. We’re already in far too deep to back out. And we definitely wouldn’t want to disappoint Minnesota, not when we’re planning on visiting so soon afterward!

    $20 on Alexander being a new breed of spammer, that tailors its blog posts to the Google search that found the blog in question. The link in his name takes you to a totally unrelated “news” blog in Switzerland. Humbly suggest de-linking him to sabotage their page rank?

  6. The link in his name takes you to a totally unrelated “news” blog in Switzerland. Humbly suggest de-linking him to sabotage their page rank?

    No fear; the links look like this:
    <a title=”” href=”” rel=”nofollow”>Jason Thibeault</a>
    and I’m fairly sure they’ve been that way for a while on Scienceblogs.

  7. Atheists have no morals, and they are believers — they believe in their own infallibility, and they worship themselves. They believe in gossip, rumor, innuendo, lawlessness, lack of taboos, lack of the concept of crimes, and publishing lies about people. They have no consciences, how could they? They answer to no one but themselves. They are frauds, essentially empty people masquerading as decent human beings and trying hard to pretend it’s all about science. Atheists are lawless and godless, but worst of all they have killed their imagination and need to answer to anyone but themselves. You are delusional. And I have met Mike and he’s a freakin’ scary guy. There is something seriously wrong with him.

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