More evidence that Christians tend to be batshit insane.

Not all of them, of course. But I really am getting annoyed that the supposedly “normal” Christians are not doing a better job at taking down people like “Amber” at “Christwire” who tells us that she is “Extremely Terrified Of Chinese People … but I’m not a racist.”

The article in question is painful to read. Very very painful. Eric Michael Johnson addresses it quite nicely here. Right now I lack the patience to do what Eric has done. Please check out his overview.

The motto of this blog … … is “Conservative Values for an Unsaved World.”

That says it all.

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0 thoughts on “More evidence that Christians tend to be batshit insane.

  1. That is certainly some of the most batshit crazy stuff I’ve read but I wouldn’t be so easy on the rest of the Christian population. I mean, just how disconnected from reality do you have to be to buy into the biblical world view?

  2. I was just slimed by Amber courtesy of a link from elsewhere. My takeaway from this is that either
    a) this is simply 20th Century History Fail
    b) typical ‘what do you mean the Apocalypse isn’t happening?’ stream of consciousness
    c) adolescent emotionalism complicated by numerous frustrations
    d) a mixture of the above
    e) Poe

    I haven’t spent any time looking at the rest of the blog so the following statement could be wrong. I don’t think the answer is e.

    Here is a quick snip of Amber:

    Know that the Chinese are going to attempt a great battle, battle being perhaps better described as a world domination plan. Such endeavors typify their nature, as their culture still does not value the principles of life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

    This pushes the boundaries of good Poeatrics. Such widely broadcast stereotyping isn’t as generally well received as it was just a couple of decades ago. A serious Poe doesn’t offend everyone within earshot but rather tailors his satire to discrete targets, much to the delight of those out of the line of fire. So, no on Poe.

    And it should be clear from this quote that neither Amber or anyone she knows is a racist.

  3. I was alarmed to learn, via Christwire, that the Russians have sent a nuclear spaceship to Mars, which they are going to lay claim to. The fact that scientists are creating Parentless Children was unsettling, too.

  4. At first glance, I was aghast.

    Then I thought, “no way this is real. This HAS to be fake.”

    Then I browsed the site and thought, “…textbook example of Poe’s Law. Is this real? Certainly nobody is THAT insane. Then again, welcome to the internet…”

    Then I found this:

    The mean football playing Mormons of BYU should have much guilt in their heart, as they cheated #3 Oklahoma Sooners in a disgraceful game yesterday, 14 -13.

    All through the game, it was obvious that the BYU players did not have a true sense of morality in their souls. They constantly cheated, sneaking offsides and lobbing hurtful curses to the hard-working Sooners linemen.

    Is is all but obvious that the refs were paid off and fans of polygamy, as their eyes continued to wander across the red-headed legions of BYU cheer girls sprinkled throughout the stands.

    When all their cheap shots and unsportsman like conduct was just not enough, the Mormons decided to do the unthinkable; ruin the season of a proper Heisman Trophy quarterback.

    From the depths of the backfield, prowled a sable menace known as Coleby Clawson. In efforts to ensure the superior Sooners did not win the game, Clawson dared to pommel the noble Sam Bradford into the ground.

    Immediately, Bradfordâ??s blessed throwing arm was injured by the works of darkness. Officials say it is a bad spring and he will be out all season. With two of their leaders out for a good portion of the season (TE being the other), the Sooners lost heart and did not even feel like beating the Mormons with a miracle field goal or perhaps a divine Hail Mary pass that sailed upon heavenly winds into the hands of a waiting receiver.

    Rest assured, that this is only a test for the Sooners and the time will come for them to take their rightful place as winners. The Bringham Young University team should have great shame in their collective 20th ranked heart

    I wish I sat upon the poll board, because I would vote to have BYU ranked dead last or kicked to division 2 for such cheap shots and foul play. What a horrible game and this â??victoryâ? should have a giant asterisk next to it for all time.

    That settles it, folks.

  5. I agree, I think Christwire might be nothing more than an elaborate abuse of Poe’s Law.

    Seriously, there’s an article that claim the “soviets” are trying to corrupt children with “berenstein bear porn.”

    Then there’s the “Moral Alerts” box, which has nothing in it except the small notice “Currently praying to decide who needs boycotting. Please check back soon.”

    And then there’s the one which accuses Batman, of all people, of being not only real, but also the right-hand man of Castro.

    This is the fundie’s version of “The Onion.”

  6. I don’t see it as abuse, Will. In much the same way that Stephen Colbert has attracted intellectually incurious conservatives, sites like Christwire and Landover Baptist serve as honeypots to draw lulz from the fundies.

  7. Wow, the amount of time put into such a satire bogles my mind.

    Greg, Your original question about why Christian don’t call people on such comments (when they are NOT satire) is stuck in my mind. I’m agnostic, but I do have friends, family, former workmates who attend church, temple, etc. (Catholic, Episcopalian, Lutheran, Buddhist, Jewish, Islamic, etc.) and since my artwork seems to attract people who are quite religious, maybe I can give it a try.

    I would say their reaction is similar to people responding to my brother (who I mentioned in another post’s comment has schizophrenia) when he starts talking about how people are controlling his thoughts with their brainwaves.

    You back away slowly. You do not argue. If you do. You get nowhere.

    But maybe the question is who’s responsibility is it? Is it anyone who believes in any God? Is people who believe in fundamentally the same God (or Gods or Path), without regard to sects? I’m not sure if that would work? If a catholic stands up and calls a fundamentalist crazy, everyone says “Sure, you’re Catholic”. Sometimes you do see groups of clergy that stand together to make some point. That can be effective.

    Many times members of a church do questions choices and make stands in their church. This is what we are seeing today with the Episcopal Church and clergy selection.

    Other churches make stands on issues. So at the pulpit a pastor may not say “Boy that such and such is crazy for saying they are frightened of the Chinese) but they may present a sermon on loving your neighbor and how fear and hate are not Christian values.

    Of course, some (maybe many)churches are extremely insular and the main topic is “how to worship God.” I have to say, I find that a complete waste of time. My husband’s church (that I attend sometime) is alot like that. But they do also collect money for a medical clinic in Haiti. That, I find worthwhile.

    One problem is that like minded people tend to collect. So the crazy religious people (well and crazy in all walks of life) seems to find each other and support each others’ beliefs. They are sometimes oblivious to criticism from other Christians and sometimes further empowered by it.

    So when you say “Why don’t the normal Christian’s do a better job of taking down the crazies” I just wonder what that would look like? I don’t mean to sound critical. Maybe you have an obvious example that I’m not imagining?

  8. Poe. A while back there was an article there about Levi Johnston and Track Palin considering porn (complete with Track photoshopped onto a revealing lycra-clad crotch shot [although not as good as the Phelps picture Isis posted recently]. The article author was participating in the comments and had to have seen the naked, photoshopped Sarah Palin there without removing it.

    Poe. Maybe I should go back for entertainment but Poes that are too good can be too depressing.

  9. And don’t forget that the Chinese Hordes may be a part of the Apocalypse (all those males being raised unable to find mates – keep social order by putting them in the army).

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