I need your help picking out a tee-shirt.

I would very much like your help in picking out a tee-shirt to wear around town. Let me tell you about the town, and you’ll be able to make an appropriate suggestion.

I live in a conservative, working class, quasi-religious city, though my heart is in a nearby radical lefty atheistic edgy cool city. To put a fine point on it, a few blocks from where I sit right now is Michele Bachmann’s congressional district, but the congressional district I’ve mostly lived in while in Minnesota, and to which I hope to move within the next year, is represented by the first African American Muslim member of congress ever, and by local standards, Keith Ellison is not off any kind of scale. We think of him as politically run of the mill, very smart, and very honest.

Anyway, what this means (among other things) is that when I go to the grocery store I see more mullets than people in Keith’s district will see in a lifetime, but I am also seen. I’ve noticed that when I wear one particular tee-shirt that says “Evolution” in large letters on the front (it’s from a conference) I get stares. Sometimes they are hostile stares. At the gym, even worse.

It is a little different, but not much different, when I wear my Scienceblogs blogging shirt to the gym (and this shirt is one of the shirts I wear to the gym normally).

Let me put this even more starkly perspective for you. I’m walking out of the locker room at the gym the other day, wearing my Scienceblogs blogging shirt (which says “Blog Science” on it) and walking apace and a bit behind me are two local males. One is a young guy (in his 20s) the other is an old guys (in his 70s).

Young Guy:
“So, are they going to let him in?”

Old Guy: “Hmphrh”

Young Guy: “Into the White House.”

Old Guy: “Hmphrh”

Young Guy: “Are they going let him into the White House?!”

Old Guy: “Hmphrh”

Young Guy: “The Black Guy. Are they going to let him into the White House?”

Old Guy: “Hmphrh”

Young Guy:Obama, the Black Guy. Are they going to let him into the White House? … Get it?”

And please don’t think for a moment that offensive ignorance of this kind is atypical. It’s what I see, what I hear, all the time around here.

But my Evolution tee-shirt is getting worn out. I need a new tee-shirt. The words should be visible enough that they can be easily seen from some distance. Although pro-evolution/science/whatever sloganry can be on the back, I’d really like it on the front too, so I can see the reaction. Both front and back would be good, I guess.

So, help me pick out a tee-shirt. I’m mostly interested in Evolution, but other issues are good too. And, most importantly, it should be good quality, all cotton, better than average fabric. I’m going to be wearing this thing all the time.

So, which one (or two) should I get for wearing around Coon Rapids, Minnesota?

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0 thoughts on “I need your help picking out a tee-shirt.

  1. I was going to make the same recommendation as Stephanie so I’ll just repeat that. Also, consider the xkcd shirt with “Make me a sandwich.” “Make yourself a sandwhich”. “Sudo make me a sandwhich.” “Ok”.

  2. Northern Sun has quite a few Darwin and related shirts. I picked up this one at Twin Cities Pride this year. I think they were also at the Living Green Expo. They’re based in the Twin Cities, but I don’t know if they have an actual storefront.

  3. My OBAMA T got similar looks here in Houston. Not, because it was unusual – he won the county – but because I look like a red neck. I do like the double take, too!
    How about simply “LIBERAL”? I got my sister one from Cafe Press; the bumper sticker is on my car. Michele would hate that.

  4. You could go old school with one of the bright green Wellstone t-shirts. Although, too many people may have forgotten/not know for that to be effective.

    Reading your blog makes me miss Minnestoa.

  5. They are classics but I’ll bet you could get a pile of those evolution tees cheap from the high school band in Sedalia Missouri where the ijit parents complained…

    Link here

  6. I’d be willing to give you my “I Love Lucy” shirt with a picture of her skeleton that I got from HMNS when she was in Houston

  7. I used to have an awesome shirt from The Lord’s Gym. It was a buff Jesus snapping the cross in half.
    I’m not sure what happened to it or I’d send it to you.
    It was sooooo awful.

  8. I think you should keep looking until you find a shirt that says you’re a gay, black, atheist, seltzer drinking scientist from New York City. It should also have a picture of Al Gore hugging Kanye West aboard the HMS Beagle on the back.

  9. Some of my favorite science shirts are made by Ray Troll. I’m quite fond of “The Data is in the Strata”, but you may also enjoy “Embrace your Inner Fish” (Darwin holding Tiktaalik rosae).

    Check out his art posters while you are there – “Paleo Fishing Charters” is a favorite.


  10. I’m still trying to find a “Carl Sagan is my Homeboy” shirt like the one Weird Al wore. (There’s one online, but it’s nothing like the one in the video.)

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