0 thoughts on “Why would you want to do this?

  1. I’m an odd girl cuz I love that stuff. Explosions are pretty damned fun. Something about combustion is just thrilling. Speaking of, did you see the Ares launch today? It was spectacular. 🙂

  2. Female here, and my thought was “wow, where I can I do that for myself”. Things that go kaboom are *fun*, regardless of the gender of the observer. In fact, I’m just about to email this to some (mostly female) friends.

  3. I think what this guy doesn’t understand is that women aren’t asking him why he’d want to make explosions. They’re asking why he’d want to compete with anvils when he could be blowing up all sorts of stuff whenever he wants.

  4. First I thought “why wouldn’t you want to do this?”
    and then I thought “Why wouldn’t you want to do this with a roadrunner around?”

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