Taking on the bottled water industry

Watergeeks is a business that sells water bottles, water filters, and other products aimed at helping alleviate the global water crisis. Their main products are personal water bottles. Their mission is to eliminate the waste of bottles used for bottled water. Many people think that because bottled water bottles are recyclable, that the bottles actually get recycled. But…

Find out the truth HERE.

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0 thoughts on “Taking on the bottled water industry

  1. Discarded water bottles are one of the main components of trash I see lying around. Everyone should get one of those hundred dollar hiking bottles that filters anything, then they can fill it up at the next puddle and they will never, at that price, throw it away.

    Also all these drinkers of water in plastic bottles – ever think what is coming off that plastic and into your water?

  2. I wonder if the 90% not being recycled is due to people not putting them in the appropriate place for recycling, or are bottles that are turned in for recycling simply being dumped in landfills rather than being recycled?

  3. Do not use bottled water. Drink from fountains. Do not drink bottled sodas. Break the habit.

    There is no need for bottled water. Use reusable bottles, filled from your tap.

    Do not use water filters, etc. at least in the US>

  4. I WISH there were drinking fountains where I live. The best I get is filling up my bottle in the sink in the toilets of fast food places. It’s not always cold (Burger King only has hot taps), and my bottle usually doesn’t fit very well under the faucet.

  5. @Peter,
    Why not use a filter? If you have some bad-tasting tap water, I don’t see the harm, esp. if they are recyclable filters. I don’t use one myself, I have good tap water at home and my office has one of those sweet tap water filtration coolers (as opposed to the one’s where a guy in a big truck drops off a few plastic bottles a week). That’s not a rhetorical question, I’d really like to know why one would have issues with filters.

  6. Why not use a filter? We live in the country and have a well. We have 2 in-line filters, and the water still isn’t drinkable. Filters like the Brita are too expensive to use. We get carboys of water for drinking, because that’s the only way we can have drinkable water. Not everybody has good tap water.

  7. I just visited Yosemite national park and was amazed that they refuse to sell bottled water on-site. They provide free “yosemite spring water” from outlets all over the park. More parks should do this and stop bottled water. It’s just people’s lazness that support the bottled water industry.

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