0 thoughts on “Improved Trash Can

  1. Every time we go to a zoo or museum I have to go with a pocket full of change. My girls are 15 but still fascinated by the coins dropping into “the black hole”. And, they remind me, it’s all going for a good cause anyway.

  2. I like this idea and would support creative thinking like this. I heard that a urinal company painted a fly on the inside and since people aimed at it they had a lot less “spillage”. This garbage can seems in the same vein.

    The one question I would raise is regarding its novelty. Obviously this is a new surprising thing and we humans being curious want to test it out. After a few years, I wonder if we would be properly “trained” or if we would be bored and revert back to lazy littering.

  3. Re the boredom factor (#3), install one of these contraptions in every street trash bin, but vary the sounds*, to add a layer of interest as well as fun.

    *e.g. “Smash!” (like crockery), “Splash!”, “Ow!”, “Gulp! Yum!”, etc.

  4. Sweet! Now they just need solar panels to power it (if they don’t already). Around here we have trash cans that have built in compactors that are solar powered.

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