A strange night

It is a strange night. It is always strange when the water softener is recycling, because it makes all sorts of strange noises, and I usually don’t hear them because I’m in bed sleeping.

The BBC is being strange. They have a story that actually says: “Black bears are often considered among the most dangerous animals in North America, depicted down the years as ferocious predators threatening to man. But, says one man, that perception could not be further from the truth. ” No, sorry BBC. We who live among the bears don’t think this. Moose are far more dangerous than black bears and we all know that. That one guy is being a dork and so is the BBC.

The BBC also says that they are taking Newcastle off the market. Too bad, I like Newcastle, though these days I usually drink Stout.

Julia heard me typing and, I’m pretty sure walking in her sleep, got up, got dressed, and headed out the door for school, coat on, backpack over her shoulder. Since becoming a high school student, she’s never been more ready for school. I stopped her and told her she still had a few hours of sleep before she needed to get up. She went back t bed. That was strange.

Back to the BBC: Some English guy, a resistance trainer dropped into France before D-Day, got personally kicked out of France by Charles d Gaulle in a bizarre conversation in which de Gaulle was totally on the rag that day for some reason.

General de Gaulle: “Jean-Pierre, that’s a French name.”

Mr Lake: “My nom de guerre, mon general.”

Gen de Gaulle: “What are you doing here?”

Mr Lake: “I belong to the Inter-Allied Mission for Dordogne, and I am at the moment with Dordogne troops at Marennes, mon general.”

Gen de Gaulle: “But what are you doing here?”

Mr Lake: “I am training certain troops for special operations.”

Gen de Gaulle: “Our troops don’t need training. You have no business here.”

Mr Lake: “I obey the orders of my superiors.”

Gen de Gaulle: “You have no business here, I say. You have no right to exercise a command.”

Mr Lake: “Mon general, I exercise no command.”

Gen de Gaulle: “We don’t need you here. It only remains for you to leave. You too must go home. Return, return quickly. Au revoir.”

All present said it was pretty freaky.

Mon general, I”m going back to bed now. Bon nuit.

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