0 thoughts on “The Worlds Most Annoying Stairway

  1. Hmm, I would probably be encouraging people to take the escalator, so they wouldn’t interrupt me while having fun the stairs :p

  2. Cool, but I imagine a lot of the fun is in the novelty. If all stairs contained some kind of “fun” gimmick I think I’d take the escalator 😛

  3. Next thing: reduce the keyboard to just the pentatonic scale so everything people do has some musical consistency.

    The hypothesis required the choice element. The goal was to see what people would choose, not to get them to use the stairs.

  4. I’ll assume you guys already know this, but I’ll say it anyway. Not everyone can climb stairs easily (people with bad knees or luggage or small children). That’s why there’s also an escalator.

  5. The Minnesota Science Museum also has these. I imagine this is standard issue for science museums (but the technology in Boston and MSM are different than what you see being deployed here, IIRC).

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