0 thoughts on “Michigan is Meshugeneh to cut extension services

  1. Meshugah is the adjective. Michigan is meshugah. A meshugeneh is someone who is meshugah. I know that common usage has blurred the difference between the two, but just FYI.

  2. You are all missing the point! You can’t see the Trees through the PedanTREE!!!! Do I have to spell it out for you!?!!?

    OK, I will.

    Meshugeneh. (Michigana…Michigan … Funny!)

    Meshugah … Bleh.

    Facocta …. Huh?

  3. Oy, how did I miss that?! I’m such a shmendrick. Michigan . . . Michugeneh . . . no, YOU’RE the shmendrick. And a little meshugeh, too.

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