The Hausers want Courts Out of the Picture

Remember Daniel Hauser, the child who was busy dying of cancer while his parents kept real doctors away and treated him with homeowooatherapy and stuff? The Hauser family would now like everyone to go away again.

Daniel’s parents claim that hey are now following doctors’ orders and making the best possible decisions, and his father says that Daniel is in remission.

“… there is no need to have the county continue to supervise our care and course of treatment for Danny’s illness,” Daniel’s mother, Colleen Hauser, wrote …

Doctors wanted Daniel to start radiation in the beginning of October, but the family postponed it to seek additional medical opinions. The Hausers had expressed fear that radiation would “melt” Daniel’s thyroid or cause thyroid cancer.

“We did initially oppose radiation because of the concerns of the long term effects we sought second opinions to ensure Danny receive the best medical care,” Colleen Hauser wrote. “We never opposed radiation on moral, ethical or religious grounds.”

I would like to see the courts get out of this as early as possible, but I owuld also hope that the judge makes a good decision based on an assessment of the likelihood that the Hausers are not simply making up their new found respect for medicine.

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0 thoughts on “The Hausers want Courts Out of the Picture

  1. Someone needs to explain that merely breeding a kid does not make one an expert or any or all issues involving them. If spawning was all that was necessary to become a truly well-informed expert on vaccines, your kids health, or parenting, then Harvard’s medical school would never have come into existence.

    When the correlation between narcotics consumption, High BAC, and generally stupidity is less pronounced, then I’ll believe that having kids makes someone an expert on anything other than where to stick things during sex.

  2. “there is no need to have the county continue to supervise our care”

    This coming from the mother who fled jurisdiction last time around.

    Fool me once…

  3. Didn’t oppose treatment on the basis of religious beliefs – and yet she told a court the opposite a few months ago. Somehow I don’t believe the judge will cancel his orders yet.

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