0 thoughts on “Britains got … a lot of singers who sing like this, apparently.

  1. Damn. I don’t totally like his technique, but, well, damn. The only other sopranist I’ve heard was pretty awful, and I suspect this guy would lose it under the demands of baroque elaboration.

    If by “a lot” you include alto/mezzo, then, yes. The US has its share, too. There’s something to be said for being able to cast a man in a male role in staged opera when the part is written in alto/mezzo range – for instance, putting Drew Minter on stage in only speedos (Tolomeo in Handel’s Giulio Cesare).

    There is, however, something odd about his choice of music, given that Turandot was the ultimate man-hater until she finally melted under the entreaties of the “right” man…

    No, I am not an opera queen. Seeing how sparse my Maria Callas collection is is definitive proof.

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