Ubuntu 9.10 RC Released

Move Over Windows 7!

Canonical on Thursday made available the Release Candidate of its latest Linux-based operating system, Ubuntu 9.10, on the same day Microsoft launched the long-awaited Windows 7.

The upcoming Canonical release, which is code-named Karmic Koala, is the latest version of the popular flavor of the Linux OS. The development release on Thursday pushed the OS one step closer to final release, which is due on Oct. 29, according to the company’s release schedule Web page.

An image of the OS is available for download on Ubuntu’s Web site.


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0 thoughts on “Ubuntu 9.10 RC Released

  1. I’m in the middle of a Windows 7 install right now, and expect to be marooned there for several days.


    There’s a good reason for putting Windows on that particular box (namely, I don’t want to hear the whining) but it’s annoying the hell out of me.

  2. I usually wait a few weeks or so before I upgrade the machines on the home network to the latest Ubuntu version. Installing it fresh on another machine is always an option though, and I’ll probably be doing that next week.

    The only way I’ll be using Windows 7 is inside a virtual machine, and then only if I absolutely must have it to run a specific piece of software. That pretty much goes for any Microsoft OS.

  3. Dan – Does Windows XP run as a Virtual Machine on Ubuntu? That would solve a lot of problems for me. I have two pieces of software that I need to use that don’t work under WINE, and a pc that really is tired of Windows as an operating system.

  4. I do have a valid windows disk and a registration key (bought and paid for.) Now I just have to figure out why my BIOS thinks that my drives, plugged into the primary channel, are plugged into the secondary channel.

  5. I’m writing this comment from inside a virtual machine on my actual machine. The virtual machine is running Ubuntu 9.04.

    Also running on this machine is an instance of FreeDos. Unforunately, I can’t at the present get the freeDOS implementation to run in a resolution in the virutal machine that makes it usable. That was actually a bit tricky (and very annoying) for the Ubuntu installation, but it was doable. I just had to do some esoteric crap that should have been pretty much automatic.

  6. It boots from a place that does not really exist, so that special magical place can’t have any of the problems that real world places have.

    I’m back by the way. Back from the virtual place.

  7. Dan – Does Windows XP run as a Virtual Machine on Ubuntu? That would solve a lot of problems for me. I have two pieces of software that I need to use that don’t work under WINE, and a pc that really is tired of Windows as an operating system.

    I run XP inside a VirtualBox session on a very low-end laptop with Ubuntu 9.10 as the host OS. It works well enough to be usable, but I’m a bit memory-starved (just 1 GB). Just 4 grins, I ran Microsoft’s Windows-7 upgrade advisor tool, and it basically told me to forget it. It told me that my video hardware isn’t up to running the spiffy Aero interface (even though all the compiz-fusion 3D stuff, spinning cube and all, works great).

    We have some Panasonic Toughbooks at work running XP virtually — the Toughbooks have 4GB memory each, and virtual XP sessions run very nicely on those.

    My guess is that you will want at least 2GB to run XP comfortably in a virtual session on a Linux box.

  8. Dan – Does Windows XP run as a Virtual Machine on Ubuntu?

    It does, and has for years. Just use virtualbox in Ubuntu, there is also VMware, but not so easy to install and get running.I’ve dont this on a USB stick in the past !

    As to Karmic, as I’ve said here already, not impressed.Try installing a Firefox addon, e.g., or, video seems buggy, and Compiz still doesnt do the Cube out of the box.Aslo I cant seem to see any speed differences with the new etx4. Oh, and I have to give the OS a password to mount my disks now !!


  9. Also, for those of you interested, Ubuntu runs very nicely as a virtual machine in Mac OS X. I use Parallels Desktop 4 for Mac. As a Mac user, I have to admit, Ubuntu has an awful lot going for it.

  10. I ran the Windows 7 public Beta test in Virtualbox on a 1GB desktop running Ubuntu – I gave Virtualbox 512Mb to play with, and it loaded and run fine, if a little slowly.

    Typing this from my new laptop – 4Gb Ram, waiting for my W7 upgrade from the Vista supplied. It’s going to be run under V-box, so I can run the 2 Windoze progs I still use.

    Still need to work out how or why Vista has ‘used’ 40Gb of disk for a freshly-installed system, though – I want that space back.

    Oh, and I installed everything on ext4 – no problems so far.

  11. Spiv –

    Try opening a terminal window and

    sudo apt-get install acpi

    Then, at the prompt

    acpi -V
    or acpi -Vf for non-celsius temp

  12. That worked, thanks mike! Problem must have been something in the package manager. Now if I can just get firefox (and a couple sound issues) sorted out I’ll be a happy camper.

  13. I have generally found firefox ‘crashes’ and really, it is more ghostly than a crash …. there one moment, not the next, no log files recording the event, can’t see it happen in a mirror, etc.) occur when flash is running, so I use flasblocker. That may not be the only possible cause (or yours) but it might be a place to start.

  14. It sounds to me like the crash helper dialog was configured to ignore further crashes of Firefox in your example, Greg.

    Flash seems to be the most CPU-intensive thing I can possibly do on this computer. VirtualBox XP Pro doesn’t even hose the system as badly, or as quickly, as watching a ton of Youtube videos in a row. This is using the Adobe nonfree Flash, too. One of these days, when Gnash or one of the OSS Flash alternatives can handle some of the streaming video sites I frequent, like thecomedynetwork.ca and MSNBC.

  15. Also already have flashblock on, but you may still be correct. At any given time I’m sure I have a video or two turned on and likely adds to the prob.

    That may also be the sound related issues too.

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