0 thoughts on “You want to be my friend on Facebook? Are you f@#%$$ kidding me?

  1. My problem is de-friending people I friended in the first place. “I used to be ok with the fact that you believed in a guy listening to a coin translate tablets in a bag because you were ok with me being an atheist, but now that you’re bragging about shaking hands with the guy who is instrumental in making sure my dear family and friends (including other facebook friends) can’t get married, I’m not so sure.”

    I’m just a wimp.

  2. @Rich – if you want a less confrontational option, you could always (a) remove their posts from your feed (so you just won’t be able to see what they’re doing/saying), or you could block them, in which case you’ll simply disappear and they won’t know whether you de-friended them or ditched FB altogether.

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